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JFK Started The Q Movement!

In the future, clones will be outlawed! It’s part of a pro-human agenda that is also seeing the destruction of the Reptilians. The chemtrails we have all seen are helping us, while suppressing Reptilians. These are among the many secrets that Christian 21 shares with Linda Paris in this new edition of McAllister TV.

Also disclosed: John F. Kennedy was never assassinated! Positive ETs protected him. Some 26 Reptilian families were involved in bringing him to safety, families whose exploits we’ve never heard of! He has remained alive and served as Q+, the head of the Q team! It’s a much bigger undertaking than you can ever imagine!

Now, that they have begun to release the truth, they will focus next on dismantling the Dome! This is the first in a two-part video. Other topics covered: Demonic planets and how demons rule the Reptilians! Bundy’s 7th bloodline!

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2 thoughts on “JFK Started The Q Movement!

  1. Please contact Gene Decode for an interview Christian 🙏

    • Great idea! Christian 21’s discussions are certainly in Gene Decode’s wheelhouse and his insight would be invaluable, though Linda Paris does a superb job. In fact, Gene might have already addressed it on his private channel. We’ll keep readers informed. Thanks for the comment.

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