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Simon Parkes: A New Election?

Simon Parkes tells podcaster David G. Mahoney that today’s arraignment drama in the Southern District of New York’s Manhattan office will not only shine the spotlight on Donald Trump, but also on Joe Biden.

Parkes says it’s highly likely we will see a body double of Trump at the proceedings, or it will be conducted in a studio. He also posits that since Trump has been served, Joe Biden also becomes arrestable for his actions with classified documents during his term as Vice-President in the Obama Administration.

He says if the powers that be so wished, they could remove Biden from office, which would then lead to refusals by Kamala Harris and Kevin McCarthy to assume the presidency, forcing the Supreme Court to order a new election.

Parkes and Mahoney also discuss the uncanny prognostications of Nostradamus and his connection to the possible death of Pope Francis, who was recently hospitalized. “So, I think you’ll find that the Pope’s death will be announced and I’m very looking forward to seeing whom they replace him with.” Here’s more, including a Q&A session.

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