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It’s Not Going As Planned

According to some, the deep state/cabal planned the pandemic and released it earlier than they wanted to in order to keep Donald Trump from securing a second term. They crashed the economy and would have kept it closed forever, had President Trump not acted quickly to demand a vaccine for those who wanted one. Trump, who knew that having a vaccine was the only way to get the country open again, pushed it through under an emergency declaration. His quick action prevented the globalists from bankrupting the country, instituting the Great Reset, and turning the US into a Marxist camp. More from Lori Colley.

Freight train of truth is coming! The tidal wave of information is sinking the Deep State liars. Pray for more truth and for the liars to all be revealed as the scumbags they are. More from And We Know.

Why do the woke “anti-racist” leftists turn out to be the most openly racist haters? Let’s look at the swirl of racism surrounding Hunter Biden. More from JustInformed Talk.

Kerry Gave Secrets To Iran!

He’s been caught leaking some 200 military secrets to Iran, but will Kerry pay any price for his corruption? We can pray! Join me for the details on Kerry’s escapades plus the new census info (D states losing seats!) and the Maricopa Audit. More from Lori Colley.

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are preparing a demean and destroy campaign to push against the audit. The people are ready to push back. The people have the true power and they are ready to take back their power. The census has been released and key [Deep State] states are now losing representation and the patriot states are gaining representation. Everything is about to change. The clock is ticking and the [Deep State] has trapped themselves in their own fraud.More from the X22 Report.

The mystery of a large set of DOD Pentagon IP addresses may be tied to the final days of the Trump administration and a larger PLAN…More from RedPill78.


All lies are coming to light. Literally! Popcorn ready. Pray. More from And We Know.

Fighting Back With Truth

The attacks continue, but we, the people, are fighting back with the truth. Evil and darkness have never been so exposed to the light. More from And We Know.

This morning a podcast listener asked me what Zionism is. Then tonight I watched a “hate crime” hit piece on the NBC Nightly News. I feel compelled to address both. More from the SGTReport.

War On Reality

Feelings don’t care about your facts. Welcome to the post-Truth America! More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

People Are Craving Truth

People are craving truth. People are craving transparency. People are craving equal justice under the law. People are craving good. People are craving right. People are craving true freedom. And We Know draws upon the words of Q in this new video. A light injection? What exactly could that be? It does seem that the heat, and summertime temperatures of 75 degrees or higher, will drastically slow the spread and longevity of the coronavirus.

Trump and the patriots are showing the people that there are other ways to combat the virus. The people must see the truth. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is now trying to stop him at all costs. If the truth got out the [DS]/MSM lose all control. Trump during the presser mentioned light, humidity will kill the virus. Trump is slowly introducing cures. Timing is very important. More from the X22 Report.

Special prosecutor John Durham is bringing in a top dog and FBI team to focus on the crimes of Barack Obama’s Central Intelligence Agency chief John Brennan as well as the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The video opens with President Donald Trump’s questioning of Philip Rucker, the White House Bureau chief at the Washington Post, described as “fake news” by the President. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Why are back channels so important? Here, JustInformed Talk digs into the news that the mainstream media refuses to cover. Much of it concerns the startling news found in the posts by Q: news that is so crucial, and yet invariably ignored by the fake news crowd.

The words “light” and “love” have more than one meaning. TRUreporting explains.

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Forever Message Sent, Received

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is now being investigating and there are more than one complaint filed against her. Omar also is being investigated. [James Comey] is part of a grand conspiracy. The slam-dunk is coming soon. The Department of Justice is just getting warmed up. Judicial Watch is now suing California, the new law requiring Trump to produce his tax returns is unconstitutional. Trump gives his condolences to the people of Ohio and Texas and says they are starting an investigation into the entire event. This will be a quick and swift investigation and those responsible will get the death penalty. Trump sends a forever message, message received.  More from the X22 Report.

Former AOC Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager Saikat Chakrabarti is under federal investigation for campaign finance violations. Also, Judicial Watch is suing the state of California for its blatantly biased efforts to block President Donald Trump from appearing on its 2020 election ballot. Also, the latest from the indefatigable Maria Bartiromo. More from RedPill78.

If you want to know the TRUTH about current events, you should start following me on Twitter & GAB too. God bless the Patriots and the Republic of the United States of America. More from the SGTReport.

McAllister TV says we need gun control. It’s time to not allow Democrats to own guns! Also, she delves into the latest mainstream media lies and discusses the radical Alinsky doctrine that governs how Democrats seek to instill poverty and weaken major cities. They truly are a backward and treasonous party!

Truth Is So Important to Me

Mel here. This is my own story of how I woke up and wound up here doing what I do. I guess I just have something more important I feel compelled to contribute than cat videos, let’s plays, and makeup tutorials. New from Truthstream Media.

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Defining Truth

PJTV gurus Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle define the ever-absorbing question that has befuddled mankind: What is the truth? Listen in as each gets a bit philosophical in their responses.

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