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Uniparty: Exposed, Vulnerable

The dustup over the Republican House Speaker has exposed the fallacy that we have two competing parties. We do have a few Republicans trying to establish a clearcut GOP Party.

But much of the Republican House membership remains a bunch of RINOs. They might as well be leftist Democrats, because they sure as Hell do not represent any of us. They are merely in Congress for the graft and corruption — same as their Democratic allies.

At least now, we not only can see the traitors in Congress, but also the deep and duplicitous hands of Big Tech. Google, Facebook, the rest of this insidious alliance can no longer hide. They are losing their ability to control us, as they themselves become exposed.

Yes, Babylon is falling. Biden is seeking billions in new dollars to feather the Democrats’ globalist allies in Ukraine and Israel. Welcome to the Revolution.  Do not conform. We rise or we die! Here’s more from And We Know.

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