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Exterminating Humanity

Natural News’ Mike Adams reports that globalists have openly admitted their plans to exterminate humanity. He says those who run the world have realized that people are no longer needed in light of AI technology and their strategy has switched to getting rid of them. Here’s his report.

Prepare For The Storm

[Hillary Rodham Clinton] is panicking. She is continually saying that the Durham investigation is a conspiracy theory. Watch what happens next. Trudeau is now becoming a tyrant and the people of Canada can see this very clearly. He will not be able to escape this. He will always need to use force on the people. The puzzle is now coming together. The stage is set. Prepare for the storm. Kash Patel reports that Durham will release the flood most likely mid-summer. More from the X22 Report.

Freedom front line attacks. Killary lies. F@lse Fl@gs overseas! W@rld W@r III is near! Pray! More from And We Know.

Meta Exec Caught In Pedo Sting

Looks pretty certain that the Antifa “cyberterrorist” Kirtaner — also known as Aubrey Cottle –is definitely a fed, which means the Canadian government contracted out the hack of GiveSendGo.  Also, a Facebook Meta executive was caught in an amateur pedo sting on TAPE! More from RedPill78.

Meta! Sign Your Life Away!

Facebook’s Metaverse! Sign your life away to start improving your life now! More from AwakenwithJP.

Satan Is No Longer Hiding

Looking back on the odd, random, and unusual. More from KJOzborne.

Facebook Goes Meta

This week on the New World Next Week: Trolls could be jailed under new online harms bill; Facebook gets Meta as the takeover humanity proceeds apace; and Ticketek creates the first all-in-one ticket and vaxx pass app. More from the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.


Facebook Meta

Is virtual reality a soul trap?There is some Biblical high weirdness involved with virtual reality. More from Amazing Polly.


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