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Trump To Drop A Bombshell

Trump’s recent filing raises eyebrows after his lawyers provide notice he will be using classified materials in his defense during the January 6th trial. Trump’s attorney provides little details, only that the materials with show evidence of 2020 election interference and more to support Trump’s actions.

Trump’s defense submits their final reply in support of their Motion to Dismiss the January 6th case based on Presidential Immunity. The filing is joined by Jack Smith’s opposition and off to Judge Tanya Chutkan for a ruling.

The Oversight Committee demands answer from the White House Counsel’s Office about Joe Biden’s alleged “loan” to his brother James and the supposed repayment via a $200,000 check. Rep. James Comer explains the details behind the effort while he demands an apology from Rep. Jamie Raskin. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

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