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Immortality Within Reach

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku tells us that science’s Connectome Project will soon have the technology to map the pathway of the entire human brain, paving the way for genetic and digital immortality. “It will map all your memories, quirks, personalities, everything digitized,” says Kaku. “And, it will put it on a disc, and for the most part, will put it in libraries.” Imagine visiting a library of the future and conversing with Einstein or Churchill? Kaku elaborates in this episode of Big Think.

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AI Will Liberate Doctors

With the rapid advancement of technology in medicine, hospitals are sure to see the influx of artificial intelligence in their ERs and labs. Machines will play a vital role in helping physicians analyze data and spot abnormalities in X-rays and MRI scans that doctors might have missed. This, in turn, will free up time for doctors to establish better relations with their patients. Eric Topol, professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, tells us more in this episode of Big Think.

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Was Einstein Wrong?

The Theory of Relativity is one of the foundations of modern physics, along with Quantum Theory. So it came as a monumental shock to scientists when the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, conducted an atom-smashing experiment that concluded that Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity might be wrong. “All hell broke loose in the physics community,” says Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City College of New York. Kaku explains in this educational edition of Big Think.

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Shut Up and Listen

Tom Yorton, CEO of Second City Works, says the single most important skill we could have in our arsenal is listening. “You have to work at listening. You have to practice it,” says Yorton, whose Second City Works is the world’s leading comedy theater and leading school of improvisation. “I think the biggest thing about all of our stuff with improvisation is it’s the idea of being in practice and not just taking it for granted.” Listen to the rest of Yorton’s logic in this presentation of “Big Think” on Liberty Pen.

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