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AI: Rise Of Synthetic Biology

A 21ST Century Roadmap to Technological Control! Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep with groundbreaking researcher Elana Freeland on her fascinating new book:
Geoengineered Transhumanism!

This Is Why The Good Guys Win

The strategic battle between good and evil forces, which has spanned centuries, if not millennia, is over. And the good guys have emerged victorious. Martin Brodel points us to a video on the Chembuster blog made a few years ago that features an insider with the highly classified Project Looking Glass, which looks into the future using artificial intelligence and advanced computer technology. In the video, the insider confirms the Deep State, aka the Cabal or globalists, have lost their battle to advance The Great Reset.

Brodel says he believes the narrator in the video might be Phil Woods, a man he reported on in an earlier blog, who was hired by Deep State elites to travel to Area 51 in Nevada, peer into the Looking Glass and tell them how to win. Woods did so and saw that they lost. Furthermore, he told them moves had already been made and, no matter what they tried, the result was irreversible. “It’s like two master chess players going at it,” Brodel says. “One master chess player looks ahead and sees he’s lost. The other one looks at it and knows he’s won. And there’s nothing the bad guy can do about it.”

The following is the Chembuster video recorded more than a decade ago, which further explains Project Looking Glass and how it foresaw The Great Awakening. The results are even more miraculous as we see the events described unfold on the planet today.


The Battle For Humanity

There is a battle raging for humanity. Dr. Carrie Madej reveals how Big Tech collaborates with Big Pharma to introduce new technologies in coming vaccines that will alter our DNA and turn us into hybrids. Dr. Madej says this will end humanity as we know it and start the process of transhumanism.

And the process get wilder. The plan, she says, is to use vaccines to inject nanotechnology into our bodies and connect us to the Cloud and artificial intelligence. This will enable corrupt governments and tech giants to control us, without us being aware of it. Join @Freedom4CM’s probe into the reality of the Deep State’s plan to end our autonomy and make us slaves of globalist tech companies.

Dracos Calling The Shots?

There are many individuals worldwide who have been involved in various unacknowledged special access programs like the Secret Space Program. Some only recall their involvement through vivid dreams that eventually surface as memories, just as they did for Jason Rice.

People like Jason are an integral part of today’s society. They come from widely ranging careers, socio-economic backgrounds and social structures from all parts of the world. Whether or not they are aware of their involvement in these programs, their experiences are contributing to the global co-creative and awakening process.

Here, he talks about Dracos, artificial intelligence and the U.S. moon landing. More from Zohar Stargate.

Everything You Know Is A Lie!

Dilara Esengil, Hollywood entertainment lawyer, returns to McAllister TV to discuss the bundle of lies engulfing everything we know. The Hollywood stars, for instance, aren’t stars at all but just sexually inverted clones.

Now, we are seeing clones and hybrids outside Hollywood. People are talking about the latest incarnations of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Neither looks the same as they used to, and Nancy keeps getting younger all the time. Are we facing the same politicians or knock-offs?

Now, we’re seeing more deadly lies. Was there an attempt to use covid as a weapon for mass extinction? What exactly was the plan to harvest humanity? Is Elon Musk 70 percent AI tech?

Some are complaining that it’s taking too long, but remember: Crumbs are easy to swallow. If you try to soak up an entire ocean all at once, you’ll drown.

Ancient Dreams Of Technology

Millennia before engineering or software, robots and artificial intelligence were brought to life in Greek myths. The author of Gods and Robots Myths, Machines, and Ancient Dreams of Technology traces the link between technology and tyranny from modern day concerns over AI to back to antiquities fear of beings were “made, not born.”

Adrienne Mayor:… is a folklorist and historian of ancient science who investigates natural knowledge contained in pre-scientific myths and oral traditions. She teaches at Stanford University.

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Release Of The Kraken

Don’t use this AI app from a Russian developer that’s part of the new MK Ultra program, Sidney Powell is filing a case today in Georgia and Lin Wood shows destruction of evidence in Georgia as well. More from RedPill78.

Trump has dangled the bait and the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media has taken it: Hook line and sinker. This is about destroying the [DS] system. The only way to do this is the truth, which means the rule of law and the highest law in the land is the Constitution. The enemy is in the process of destroying themselves. Why interfere? The coverup of the crime always gets you, Trump and team are pushing the [DS]/MSM into a panic. More from the X22 Report.

Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion announces his new podcast schedule: three times a week live on Dlive Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with reuploads the next day on Bitchute. Here’s one of the first. He says Sidney Powell pulling away from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign team of lawyers might sound ominous, but it’s more of a procedural matter. The re-election team needs to be focused on getting the President a second term, while Sidney, Lin Wood and possibly other lawyers might be turned loose on darker,  more criminal matters that could take far longer to arbitrate, involving who knows how many turns. Also in this podcast: the coronavirus vaccines and the whole GSA transition quandary.

Joe Biden is a compromised, wholly corrupt career politician who represents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States of America. This fraudulent election is now a matter for the Department of Defense. Bob Kudla joins SGTReport to discuss the fraudulent election and much more.

Why President Donald Trump will never concede to the treasonous traitors. Plus, let’s expose the lies and fake news of the mainstream media. More from JustInformed Talk.

Shadow Gate

Learn how a Minority Report-style artificial intelligence program — designed by consulting firms attached largely to the Democrats, but also some Republicans — is behind this summer’s riots and the push to defund the police. This information is so hot that the writer and reporter in this program, Millie Weaver, as well as her husband Gavin Wince, who directed, were both arrested Friday in Ohio on charges related to the fact-gathering behind this documentary.

Here, you will come to understand how an utter crook like former CIA Director John Brennan still walks free, even after running roughshod over American laws in his highly illegal and unethical intelligence gathering. How did Brennan siphon off intelligence? Foreign firms — in Canada, England and Germany — stepped in where American firms were hamstrung. These foreign firms siphoned off NSA intelligence feeds, spying on anyone and everyone — Senators, Congressional representatives, military officers, even the President.

Weaver zeroes in on what they don’t want you to see or to understand. Not only have there been breaches involving spying, but also phony newscasts, and efforts to influence events, not only abroad, but all across America.

Millie Weaver was getting ready to publish a documentary called Shadow Gate. The film showcases two whistleblowers who allege there is a secretive network of government contractors which consists of government and military insiders (both current and former) who have ‘back door’ access to intelligence agencies and all of the information that they collect on everyone including politicians and how this information is used to blackmail powerful people to control them.

The film also alleges that military psychological warfare programs are being used against the people primarily through the mainstream corporate media and social media to control the population.

One of the whistleblowers in the film Tore, who was recently suspended by twitter, believes Millie Weaver was arrested because of this film. Tore has posted the documentary in full to her YouTube channel. More from Spiro Skouras.

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Millie Weaver and her husband Gavin Wince are independent alternative journalists, but their work appears frequently on InfoWars, Alex Jones’ channel that has come under increasing attack from both the mainstream and social medias. Here, Jones interviews one of the whistleblowers appearing in Weaver’s film, Patrick Bergy. He is a former DOD contractor and cyber security expert, joining The Alex Jones Show in studio to break down the ‘minority report’ AI control grid he exposed in Shadow Gate on the day she was arrested. 


The Injection Fraud

Catherine Austin Fitts of interviews James Corbett about his new documentary Who Is Bill Gates? We go beyond the focus on Gates to discuss the syndicate that he is leading, the business model it relies on, and the new form of collateral that will underlie the digital economy: the human body. Don’t miss this vital conversation that fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle and draws back the curtains on the real purpose of the injection fraud.

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AI Weirder Than You Think

The danger of artificial intelligence isn’t that it’s going to rebel against us, but that it’s going to do exactly what we ask it to do. In this presentation of TED, AI researcher Janelle Shane says sharing the weird, sometimes alarming antics of artificial intelligence algorithms as they try to solve human problems demonstrates why AI doesn’t yet measure up to real brains.

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