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Did Aliens Reside At Dulce, NM?

Located just south of the 37th parallel, we find the small town of Dulce NM. It is an isolated area, haunted by a myriad of strange events. Our researchers examine eyewitness accounts from prominent whistleblowers including: Paul Bennewitz who became a whistle-blower after reporting his strange sightings to the authorities, Paul Schneider who tried to warn us of genetic human tests by aliens who took control of the base, and Gabe Valdez, chief of police on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, who investigated cattle mutilations and came across the results of strange genetic experiments. More from Zohar StarGate.

China Building Super Soldiers

Tim Pool is joined by fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski (@WeAreChange ) to discuss China’s bizarre human gene-splicing attempts to develop a super-soldier.

Speaking of the Chinese, Tim Pool did a second report suggesting the Chinese have infiltrated the U.S. Democratic Party. A video shows a Chinese professor bragging that Joe Biden is compromised. Tucker Carlson initially broached the topic on Fox News. This comes as Axios reports on U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., and his ties with a Chinese spy named Christine Fang who worked for China’s Ministry of State Security.

World Rising Up Against Covid

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • Story #1: “Unite for Freedom” Protest on August 29th
  • Story #2: The Carney/Freeland “Green Reset” Shapes Canada’s ‘New Normal’
  • Story #3: CRISPR – New Genetic Engineering Techniques Pose Numerous Risks


Genetically Modified Humans?

Will the genetically modified humans of our dystopian future be patented by corporations? Join James Corbett on The Corbett Report for this week’s Question For Corbett where he explores the very real legal precedents for what many would dismiss as science fiction fantasy.

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Wanker Celebs Exploit Kung Flu

The usual assortment of Hollywood and New York celebrity wankers are trying to exploit the Kung Flu to push their rancid environmental agenda. Everyone’s already forgotten about Greta Thunberg, but Madonna and Robert DeNiro have chimed in, hawking the climate change nonsense. How long before we hear from Michael Moore? Here’s Meme the Left with the news.

In Great Britain, it’s the Cuckdown! Pubs are closed, borders open! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

We Are Change takes us to Singapore, where roving robots are enforcing social distancing. The robots walk the parks and the streets, and ensure people are not congregating or in close contact. US police have quietly bought into this plan, and some departments are bringing these robots stateside.

Something bizarre happened with COVID-19. Do blood types and genes determine your hospital fate? There are few scientific studies as of yet. But one, out of China, suggests that individuals with the blood type A are much more prone to have severe COVID-19 reactions. More from Lisa Haven.


We’re All Being Groomed

“We are ALL Being Groomed” is a video intended for educational purposes regarding the commandeering of human potential–this video covers a summer camp for gifted children, takes a closer look at the famous alumni, who they connected with thereafter, and the effects of these individuals on society. More from Really Graceful.

Immortality Within Reach

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku tells us that science’s Connectome Project will soon have the technology to map the pathway of the entire human brain, paving the way for genetic and digital immortality. “It will map all your memories, quirks, personalities, everything digitized,” says Kaku. “And, it will put it on a disc, and for the most part, will put it in libraries.” Imagine visiting a library of the future and conversing with Einstein or Churchill? Kaku elaborates in this episode of Big Think.

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Mainstream Media Petrified

The mainstream media is petrified, scared because they are losing credibility and reaching a smaller audience every day. Why? Because the media has lied so long and so often they no longer report anything close to genuine news. Outlets like CNN or MSNBC — and their skewed polling institutes — no longer sway the public. We’ve turned off their drivel.

Here, SGTReport interviews Dr. Dave Janda from Operation Freedom. They discuss the mass censorship of the alt-media. Dr. Janda also says the mainstream media is petrified because President Trump and AG Barr are going to break the back of Big Brother AND the deep state.

Trump announces new healthcare plan to help the people. The [DS] impeachment push is now falling apart. There is no crime, no obstruction and no collusion. The Russian hacking narrative is falling apart. New court records show the FBI never did any investigation in the DNC server hacking. Trump signs memorandum to provide order of succession in the C_A. Venezuela and the opposition are continuing peace talks. The [DS] push narrative for their next event, patriots are already prepared. More from the X22 Report.

What did Max Spiers know? Here, McAllister TV gets into the specifics, beginning with Osiris, Isis, Horace, Set and the Egyptian gods. Here also we get an overview of the Nazis’ efforts to create twins, not only during WWII but afterwards in Latin America. What’s up with these clones? Are they being used as substitutes for politicians? For actors?

Conspiracy Theories Now Fact

Really Graceful has a a new release. She says, “In this video, I cover the ‘conspiracy theories’ that turned into conspiracy facts in 2018. What do you think 2019 will reveal?”

Why the Left Hates Science

After decades of criticizing the Republican Christian base about their “denial of science” and refusal to follow reason and evidence – the modern left’s hypocrisy has been exposed via their outright hostility to proven scientific facts. Stefan Molyneux explains why the left must remain hostile to genetic differences, which explain unequal outcomes, in order to sell their false story of exploitation.

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