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On Cusp Of Military Control

Trump and the patriots know the playbook of the [Deep State]. They are using their plan against them. The [election] fraud is off the charts and now the evidence is being produced. We are now seeing video evidence and other evidence. This is just the beginning. The [DS] plan lets us know they will be trying to create delays in the electoral counting. They are trying to make it so nobody becomes President, then call on the military. Trump and the patriots know the playbook. It begun in with the Keystone State and will end there. Military control, constitution is the only way forward. More from the X22 Report.

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion has a jam-packed videocast, delving into the strange monoliths appearing across the nation, the Michigan election fraud hearing, the renewed controversy surrounding Attorney General William Barr and whether the Department of Justice is investigating the many irregularities reported this election cycle. Jordan also gets into the covid-19 news and President Donald Trump’s push for abolishing Section 230.

Bombshell video evidence from Georgia showing Election Officials illegally processing Biden votes after telling Republicans to go home.¬† Here, RedPill78 details the President’s path to victory over Biden. Also, there are new revelations about Chinese spies, the Houston Consulate and more!

Democratic walls are coming down. Listen as Michigan voices rise up to challenge  and tear down these walls.  More from And We Know.

Bob Rinear of and joins the SGTReport to discuss election fraud, the war being waged against our nation and how to protect yourself and your family when the sh#t hits the fan.

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