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Bringing Down The Cabal

Author Brent Johnson from FREEDOMRADIO.US returns to SGT Report to discuss the incredible events that are now taking place globally. The cabal is faced with a Great Awakening that is very real. Their time to implement the Satanic New World Order is running out.

Has Xi Jinping, the ruler of Communist China, been arrested? Jordan Sather addresses rumors suggesting as much. Also in this edition of The Sather Scoop, Joe Biden can’t stop talking about his attraction to minors. Is he a pedophile or just a crazy old man? A couple of oil refineries have been destroyed in major fires. And the situation in Iran keeps getting more bizarre.

Does Government Own Us?

Are you a free human being or are you a SUBJECT to the government corporation? Author Brent Johnson joins SGTReport to explain how we’ve all been tricked into giving up our personal sovereignty and freedom, and the steps one can take to regain it. This is both parts of a two-part interview.

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