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Blackmail Behind Promis Death?

In this Special Episode, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt Interviews Dr. Joseph Farrell on the new Bombshell information that his cousin Douglas Martin (Marty) Farrell gleamed from two meetings with journalist Danny Casolaro. Casolaro reported extensively on the PROMIS Software/Inslaw Scandal prior to his mysterious death in August 1991 before releasing his breakthrough book on what he called ‘The Octopus’ of Global Corruption.

Marty Farrell goes on the record with never-before-heard details that Casolaro in conversation was wondering what was driving the extreme reaction from the Justice Department in the PROMIS case. Dr. Farrell provides commentary that his impression after hearing these new anecdotes is that Casolaro believed there was a hidden back door placed in the software BEFORE it was stolen by the Justice Department. The implication is that there is an unseen actor on the World Stage that is able to conduct mass blackmail on all sides.

The Geoengineering Kill Switch

Natural News’ Mike Adams welcomes science researcher and podcaster Dane Wigginton to discuss  the engineered collapse of the biosphere system that supports life on our planet.

Wiggington says the Deep State has activated the geoengineering kill switch, dispersing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, including the ever-lethal graphene. Here are the details from Natural News.

Pcaps, Mystery Man Real

Mike Lindell, of My Pillow fame and political activist, makes a compelling case at The Moment of Truth Summit in Springfield, Mo., that evidence from the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election was absolutely real.

Lindell specifically refers to the much-maligned Pcaps, a computer application program for capturing network trafficking, and oft-criticized former government official Dennis Montgomery, who was able to collect pertinent and damning data from the 2020 election. Here’s more, courtesy of  Freedom Force.

Gene Decode: Biolabs Destroyed

Gene Decode returns with a major intel drop, reporting that the Russian army has now destroyed and cleaned out 33 bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

Decode says the biolabs were arranged through the Pentagon by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe and Hunter Biden. They worked in conjunction with data companies, Rose Seneca and Metabiota Inc., and the engineering firm. Black & Veach, the Pentagon’s main supplier of biolab equipment. Decode digs deeper, plus updates other breaking news.

Are They Hiding God From Us?

Dustin Nemos welcomes podcaster Mark Sargent to discuss the hidden history of man, why the Deep State is hiding God, the firmament and the seed war on humanity.

The discussion also centers on the Biblical Earth cosmology, or flat Earth, plus how NASA is nothing more than a bunch of bad actors, with many Biden-level gaffes. Here’s the discussion.

Georgia Corruption Intensifies

More evidence of the massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election has surfaced in Georgia. Sourcing the Gateway Pundit, Martin Brodel says Georgia Democrat ballot traffickers were using the offices of Dem officials as stopping points during drop-runs.

Brodel says it’s all about exposure. “People are exposing themselves, they’re coming out of the woodwork and, as my sources have said many times, ‘we’re going to get them all. We want them all.'” Brodel fills us in on the details and also reports on the sudden illness that befell North Carolina’s Donavan “Puff” Johnson in Monday night’s NCAA title game.

Elderly Seen As Useless Eaters

Dave Janda concludes his two-part video with Sarah Westall, appearing on her channel Business Game Changers, Here, he addresses the coming shortages of power and food. The elite, he says, see the elderly as “useless eaters.”

Gingrich Slams Administration

Meting out his harshest criticism to date on the Biden Administration’s handling of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Newt Gingrich called the U.S. response the “most disheartening performance by the United States and its allies” in his lifetime.

Gingrich doubled down on U.S. leadership, labeling Bien a cognitively challenged president, and Kamala Harris a cognitively hopeless vice-president. Here’s more with Sean Hannity on Fox.

The Student Debt Dilemma

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says if Congress or President Biden ends the pandemic emergency federal student loan forbearance program, former students won’t be able to make auto loan and credit card payments.

Is this just step one in a total student loan forgiveness plan? The “Right Angle” crew of Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle discuss the consequences.

The Colonel In The Hot Zone

Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a Special LiveStream deep Breakthrough Investigation of Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fame and his secret connection to a mission involving The Church of LDS to find legendary Atlantis ruins in the HotZone between Bimini, Cuba and Yucatan using Edgar Cayce readings.

DJ also explores the late convicted human trafficker and pimp to the rich and famous Jeffrey Epstein’s strange relationship with ocean activist Alexandra Cousteau, and an array of high-level scientists searching for signs of Atlantis Rising!

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