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Time To Expose Everything

The Conservative Politics channel says we are on the precipice of not being able to trust anything we view online and the chance of believing what you read on the internet is crumbling.

In the following video, courtesy of Starblazer692003, Conservative Politics dissects how the internet has been manipulated by a massive bot network of falsified social media traffic. Take Twitter, where tens of thousands of highly sculpted and artificially propped up political accounts with millions of followers are integrated into the Democratic political community of social media.

This is the reality throughout the net and it’s time to expose the whole damn thing. Here’s his report.

It’s Over

Steven Crowder’s estranged wife and his former partner, Dave Landau, both spill the beans and reveal what he’s done. It’s not exactly pretty.

Yes, he’s undoubtedly a talented fellow but one who’s also a douche, exploiting those closest to him. More from Mark Dice.

Ted Nugent Calling It Quits

Rock’n’roller Ted Nugent, a conservative firebrand, has announced he is retiring at the end of his current tour. In a message to his fans, he advised them to get tickets for concerts on this current tour if they want to see him perform live again. Because this will be the end of the road for the longtime legend. Here’s more from Rock Feed.

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