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Pfizer’s Double Standard

Clayton Morris reports Pfizer has admitted in its own documents to the SEC that due to safety concerns and the efficacy deficiency of its vaccines, they are unlikely to gain regulatory approval.

Shockingly, Morris says, no matter the adverse affects of withholding such information, Pfizer is protected by the government from being sued by victims. On the other hand, investors in the company could take them to court if the info isn’t disclosed in their filing to the SEC. Talk about double standards. Here’s more with Clayton and Natali Morris.


The PC Dukes Of Hazard

Just For Laughs revs into the lighter side of life, featuring a politically correct parody of Daisy Duke and the iconic Dukes of Hazard. The video is courtesy of Starblazer692003.

Vax Deaths May Reach 2 Billion!

Physician of presidents, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, says the Covid-19 pandemic vaccination protocols are tantamount to World War III. When all is said and done, he says, the death rate from the jabs could reach a staggering 2 billion people!

“So wake up! This is a level of malfeasance and malevolence that we have not seen, probably in the history of humanity.” Tune in, as Zelenko makes his case on Starblazer692003.

Propaganda Puppets

Starblazer692003 eviscerates and exposes the propaganda-driven lies of the mainstream media, from the Steele dossier debacle to the Hunter Biden distraction to the misinformation in the Rittenhouse trial.

Simply put: the media is capable of major damage. “I do not know if I have an answer of how we can fix the media,” he says. “But I do know this cannot continue.” Here’s his report.

The Most Dangerous Word

It’s just a small outbreak. It’s just closing down your small business. It’s just one lonely Thanksgiving. It’s just not traveling for a while. It’s just a face shield. It’s just one shot. It’s just one lockdown. It’s just so we can get back to normal.

“Just stop! The word just has become the most dangerous word in history, because they wanted to see what you would tolerate,” says this patriot from Starblazer 692003.  He adds that the word “just” can also end  this nightmare if you just open your eyes, just refuse to comply and just stand up for your rights. “If you just realize that we are the majority, their power will just disappear,” he says. More from Starblazer.

Pelosi Chased Off Streets

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is chased off the streets of Corpus Christi, Texas, by a crowd of pro-Trump patriots. They taunt Pelosi, chanting, “F–king Communist.” More from Starblazer692003.





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