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Gene Decode: Earth’s ETs

Gene Decode tells Conservative Patriot Nation (CPN) that many non-terrestrial races predated humanity, many of them more prevalent in the country’s Mountain States region..

Decode explains that deep down in the mantle there were perhaps the oldest living beings on Earth, who were non-terrestrials. He says this was before the Earth was solid and actually the moon of another planet, which was in orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Another race of unfriendly non-terrestrials–the Ant People–inhabited the area in and around the San Luis Valley, in Colorado, followed later by the Arcons. “So you had these beings that were coming to Earth for a very long time,” he says. He explains further, plus offers more intel on Ukraine and the Maui fires, and more.


The Silent War Continues

Christian Patriot News (CPN) returns with another informative summary of the fight to save America by Q, President Trump and the patriots. In the following presentation, CPN features a series of four videos of the silent war to rid America and the world of evil.

The videos, in chronological order, are “Q: Dark to Light,” “Trump: Silent Running, “The Plot to Steal America” and “Q is 100% From the Trump Administration.” Says CPN, “We are the enemy of Big Tech, Big Money and Big Media.┬áTogether, let’s expose the lies of the enemy and impart a little truth every day.” Here are the videos, with commentary from CPN.

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