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Mass Inflation Spark Ignited

The Money GPS warns that the spark has been ignited and stay tuned for a wild 2023 in the financial markets. He says a multitude of inflationary forces and the direction of  China’s economy will be key factors in what could be the creation of mass inflation. Here’s his report.

Gene Decode: Aliens In Ukraine

Gene Decode tells Nicholas Veniamin that what’s happening in Ukraine is an alien incursion and it’s been going on for a long time.

Decode says the bloody footage seen on the major networks are actually full-blooded soldiers and hybrids. But you don’t see that anymore, because they’ve run out of bodies. A big chunk of the Ukrainian military, he says, are forces that are non-terrestrial from underground bases in Ukraine, comprised of Alpha Dracos, Grays, octopus-like creatures and other species. Decode explains further, plus brings more details about robots in our military, BRICS, Gesara, the looming new technological system, Elon Musk and the new financial system.

The Soros-Blinken Connection

Andy Dybala breaks down George Soros’ shady relationship with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and how he is using it to collect risk insurance checks to fund his philanthropy through his Open Society Foundations.

The connection traces back to Blinken’s father, Donald Bliknen, who was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Hungary–Soros’ home country–in the Clinton Administration. As fate would have, the elder Blinken and his wife, Vera, founded the Open Societies Archives. Dybala pieces together the twisted story on the Neighborhood News Studio channel.

Simon Parkes: Intel Update

Simon Parkes says there’s a strong chance the 2022 midterm elections will be interrupted or paused, and he discusses what’s really happening in the Ukraine conflict.

Parkes emphasizes that Nov. 8 is a key marker in the Great Awakening and breaks down the logistics. “This is about taking back America,” he says. “It’s about reminding people that we’re not on our own. People are prepared to get together and celebrate that truth beats lies, and evil cannot win.”

Parkes says we are being shown an inaccurate portrayal of the Ukraine conflict by the mainstream media. Contrary to reports, Russia is not on its last legs and, earlier this week, it launched at least 200 cruise missiles, taking out all of the hydroelectric generating power stations in Ukraine. He explains further, plus brings more intel.

Deceptions! Manipulations!

McAllister TV offers a chapter in a new video series focusing on Hollywood’s transgender deceptions. Here, we not only see Flip Wilson and Charlie Chaplin masquerading as women, but we come to understand how much Hollywood has peddled lies and misconceptions. “None of these people are who they say they are,” says Linda Paris, host of McAllister TV.

Also, the channel apologizes for jumping the gun and misrepresenting facts Friday on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. She says she was in a hurry, and distracted by other tasks, so she failed to accurately decipher some facts, some conjecture, relating to the conflict, specifically, involving Putin and his alleged handling of the Ukraine biolabs and biochemists.

We’ll give her credit. At least she owns up to her mistakes, unlike the fake news outlets, like CBS or USA Today, that consistently and routinely spread lies without ever confessing their duplicity.



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