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Gene Decode: Earth’s ETs

Gene Decode tells Conservative Patriot Nation (CPN) that many non-terrestrial races predated humanity, many of them more prevalent in the country’s Mountain States region..

Decode explains that deep down in the mantle there were perhaps the oldest living beings on Earth, who were non-terrestrials. He says this was before the Earth was solid and actually the moon of another planet, which was in orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Another race of unfriendly non-terrestrials–the Ant People–inhabited the area in and around the San Luis Valley, in Colorado, followed later by the Arcons. “So you had these beings that were coming to Earth for a very long time,” he says. He explains further, plus offers more intel on Ukraine and the Maui fires, and more.


Public Tired Of Funding Ukraine

After two years of tireless conflict in Ukraine, the American public–on both sides of the aisle–are fed up with supporting the Zelensky government.

Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor tells The Other Side Of Midnight host, Frank Morano, that it appears the public has  finally figured things out after being constantly lied to about the conflict.

He says the problem can be attributed to what he calls the Uniparty, or Swamp, that runs everything. “They take their cue entirely from donors. So what we live with today, unfortunately, is government by donor,” MacGregor says. “The millionaires and billionaires in the main want the war.” Here’s more.

Obama Was Assigned Used SSN

Sarge, host of Icons2020, says new information exploding on the internet suggests that an extensive investigation reveals the identity of the man whose Social Security number (SSN) is being used by Barack Obama.

The revelation, which surfaced in an article written by retired lawyer Aissa Wayne, daughter of mega-Hollywood actor John Wayne, says the SSN belonged to French-born Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890, immigrated to the United States in 1924 and lived most of his life in Connecticut. His SSN began with the digits”042,” which are among a select few reserved for Connecticut residents only. Shockingly, Obama was assigned the very same SSN in March 1977. He has never lived or worked in Connecticut.

Sarge further reports that Ludwig spent the final months of his life in Hawaii, where he died. Conveniently, Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked in the Honolulu Courthouse Probate Office and had access to SSNs of deceased individuals. Are you starting to get the picture? Sarge fills in more details, plus brings more intel on other issues.

Russia Stronger Than Ever

Col. Douglas Macgregor tells the Patrick Bet-David podcast that Russia is “stronger than ever,” despite reporting to the contrary by the mainstream media.

He submits that Russia is probably stronger today than they were before the conflict with Ukraine. “Our sanctions ultimately have been quite helpful to the Russians and they are not a part of our Western financial system, to the extent that they might of been hurt by us seriously.” He explains further.

Juan O. Savin: War Crimes

In a stunning reveal, Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that a number of ranking German officers, including Lt. Gen. Andreas Marlow, were made aware of torture and murder videos of Russian prisoners of war in the Ukraine conflict.

Savin says the videos depicted vicious war crimes, prompting Marlow to file a complaint within the German military, revealing that soldiers being recruited by Ukrainian forces were actively involved in the debacle. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin confirmed he has set up tribunals in the Donbas region to address war crimes perpetrated in Ukraine before the invasion. More with Juanito and Nino.

End Of The U.S. Empire?

Lee Camp reports the ruling elites are giving up, coming out and proclaiming we are rapidly nearing the end of the U.S. empire.

While Camp admits some of the info is genuine in what the elites believe, a good portion of their gibberish is nonsense and pure propaganda, especially when you consider sources, such as Deep State minions Henry Kissinger and Fiona Hill. Here’s his report.

Simon Parkes: Losing The Plot?

Simon Parkes says we’re at the juncture in the Great Awakening where so many things are happening that we’ve lost the plot. He says we were forewarned by Q about the chaos, where now it’s difficult to figure what links to what.

Appearing on the David G. Mahoney podcast, Parkes elaborates on the calamity, including another toxic rail derailment in Greece. In a shocking revelation, Mahoney and Parkes report the toxic materials from the Ohio derailment will present no long-term harm. They will be dispersed naturally by the sunlight. Parkes adds that to further the Deep State psyop in Palestine, dead fish were brought in from other locations and placed in area waterways to make it appear they were killed by the toxic spill.

Parkes and Mahoney bring the details, including shocking news that BlackRock has purchased, the joke that is the Ukraine-Russia conflict, an update on the Brunson case, plus more.

Mass Inflation Spark Ignited

The Money GPS warns that the spark has been ignited and stay tuned for a wild 2023 in the financial markets. He says a multitude of inflationary forces and the direction of  China’s economy will be key factors in what could be the creation of mass inflation. Here’s his report.

Gene Decode: Aliens In Ukraine

Gene Decode tells Nicholas Veniamin that what’s happening in Ukraine is an alien incursion and it’s been going on for a long time.

Decode says the bloody footage seen on the major networks are actually full-blooded soldiers and hybrids. But you don’t see that anymore, because they’ve run out of bodies. A big chunk of the Ukrainian military, he says, are forces that are non-terrestrial from underground bases in Ukraine, comprised of Alpha Dracos, Grays, octopus-like creatures and other species. Decode explains further, plus brings more details about robots in our military, BRICS, Gesara, the looming new technological system, Elon Musk and the new financial system.

The Soros-Blinken Connection

Andy Dybala breaks down George Soros’ shady relationship with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and how he is using it to collect risk insurance checks to fund his philanthropy through his Open Society Foundations.

The connection traces back to Blinken’s father, Donald Blinken, who was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Hungary–Soros’ home country–in the Clinton Administration. As fate would have, the elder Blinken and his wife, Vera, founded the Open Societies Archives. Dybala pieces together the twisted story on the Neighborhood News Studio channel.

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