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Secret History Of The Scythians

Ancient civilizations from the Eurasian Steppes domesticated the horse prior to 3500 BC, with some tribes practicing nomadic pastoralism, developing the chariot, wagon, cavalry and horse archery. The Scythian cultures emerged around the 9th century BC among the Eurasian nomads. Some researchers claim that the alleged lost tribes of Israel migrated northward, over the Caucasus, and became the Scythians, Cimmerians and Goths.

These were the progenitors of the later Germanic invaders of Britain. Europe, named after the Phoenician princess Europa, was exposed to several waves of invasions by horse people. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

Getting All Spaced Out

Could there be life on Europa? An icy world on its surface, Jupiter’s smallest of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons looks inhospitable. But because of Jupiter’s immense gravitational pull and activity in its core, Europa has developed several lakes beneath its icy surface and a 62-mile-deep ocean. The ocean is more than likely warmed by geothermal vents, just like Earth, which lends itself to life. In this amazing edition of Hybrid Librarian, hop onboard for a mind-blowing tour of space’s 10 most stunning wonders.

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