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Secret History Of The Scythians

Ancient civilizations from the Eurasian Steppes domesticated the horse prior to 3500 BC, with some tribes practicing nomadic pastoralism, developing the chariot, wagon, cavalry and horse archery. The Scythian cultures emerged around the 9th century BC among the Eurasian nomads. Some researchers claim that the alleged lost tribes of Israel migrated northward, over the Caucasus, and became the Scythians, Cimmerians and Goths.

These were the progenitors of the later Germanic invaders of Britain. Europe, named after the Phoenician princess Europa, was exposed to several waves of invasions by horse people. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.

Adrenochrome, Ancient Sacrifice

An in-depth analysis of cultures and religions throughout time that have sacrificed humans, performed blood rituals, and consumed adrenalized blood. This is part one, focusing on ancient cultures including Carthage, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome. We will bring you part two upon its completion. Mith Chronicler, who created the video, says this one took a full two weeks to make, so it might be a while before we see the followup.

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We are at a critical juncture in our reality. Dark to Light. The Light has won, so the Dark are scrambling. In order to create chaos, fear, and confusion, they invert the reality. They invert what is true, and they corrupt and deceive. Use your innermost discernment, and if you have no capability to discern, then this video and my channel is not for you. More from J.C. Kay,

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Hidden History Of The Holocene

Anthropologically speaking, human pre-history is divided up into certain segments, some minor and some major, but none more important than the division between the Pleistocene, which includes the time most popularly known as the Ice Age, and the Holocene, which is our current age for the past 10-12,00 years or so, a time following some major global cataclysms, upheavals, and mass extinctions.…

That said, we can further dissect the current Holocene into the neolithic, or stone age, when agriculture appears, or possibly re-appears, when the tools and weapons archeologists find are made from polished stone, starting at around 11 or 12 thousand years ago. This period is followed by the copper age at around 3500 BC – 2500 BC, an era of transition between the stone tool-using farmers of the Neolithic, and the metal-obsessed civilizations of the Bronze Age.

Could there have been a trans-Atlantic copper trade in ancient times, and if so, who could have done it? Phoenician comes from the Greek word ‘phoinos’, meaning ‘red’. Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author

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Pirates of the Bronze Age

The Hyksos were a Semitic people, possibly from Western Asia, who settled in the eastern Nile Delta some time before 1650 BC. The arrival of the Hyksos led to the end of the Thirteenth Dynasty and initiated the Second Intermediate Period of Egypt. The Phoenicians went to Cornwall for its tin, Michigan for its copper, and combined them to usher in the Bronze Age. The Vikings were Norse seafarers, settling around the present day nations of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Here’s the latest in the long series of fascinating Old World studies from Robert Sepehr, author, producer and independent anthropologist.

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