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Disney Japan’s Gender Bender

Disney Japan is going the way of the world, dropping all gender distinctions and references. No longer will visitors be greeted as “ladies and gentlemen” or as “children” welcome to visit the magical kingdom. Now, the new address simply as “Hello, everyone.” How drab and boring can you get? More from Magog of Morskar.

Feminists Rap Male Firefighters

Gender parity makes perfect sense for most professions, but there are a few where that rule gets stretched. For instance: Firefighting.

Feminists in Los Angeles aren’t happy because the city’s firefighting unit still is predominantly staffed by men. But guess what? Firefighting is not only a risky profession but one requiring a lot of strength, stamina and physical prowess.

If a woman meets those standards, fine. But if not, hire the men. More from Tim Pool.

In a related video, Steven Crowder takes to the streets of the Dallas Women’s March to have real conversations with real people. In this installment, we discuss ‘male privilege’.

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Toxic femininity is real. And it is gross. Here, Sydney Watson explains how toxic femininity is damaging us all. Watson is an Australian-American writer and journalist.

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Stunning and brave, or how I learned to stop worrying and finger my own ass. What can you even say to a women who think like this and still pass judgment on MGTOW? The hypocrisy is stunning. Also, another article tries to sell men on the “benefits” of marriage. More from Redonkulas on Live from the Lair.


The Gender Confusion

The world around us is rapidly deteriorating into gender confusion. You no longer hear parents proclaiming, “Boys will be boys,” or there is nary talk about a girl’s knight in shining armor. Fact is, our culture is collapsing into a society of gender neutrality. More evidence of this came just days ago, when the president of the United States issued a directive that all public schools provide transgender access to all activities and facilities. And, yes, this includes restrooms on campus. Hard to believe.

LibertyPen’s John Stossel welcomes professor of education at Cal-Poly Elizabeth Meyer and family physician Dr. Leonard Sax to debate the gender neutral movement, which threatens to blur the lines of gender identity.

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