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Obama Party: So Sophisticated

Barack Obama celebrated his 60th birthday party with a big bash over the weekend at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. None of the 600 or so guests wore masks. The New York Times explained they didn’t need to wear masks. They are so much more sophisticated than the rest of us. More from Magog of Morskar.

How did the party turn so mellow and sophisticated? Could it have been the marijuana supplied to the hundreds of guests? More from TruthVideos1984.

NYT: Foot In Mouth Disease

A reporter from ye olde New York Times puts foot in her mouth, calling all Trump supporters “enemies of the state.” The hyperbolic Leftism arose from Katie Benner, who covers the Justice Department. She made the comments in a series of Tweets regarding the U.S. House and its select committee investigating the January 6th incident at the U.S. Capitol. More from Magog of Morskar.

Bodybuilder Married To Dolls

A bodybuilder who’s married to dolls says he is open to having relationships with actual living women. Magog of Morskar takes a look at this fellow’s rather peculiar mating habits.

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Plague Squirrels In Colorado

As if we hadn’t had enough talk of pandemics and infestations, now squirrels suffering from the Bubonic plague, or Black Death, are on the loose in Colorado. The squirrels have been reported in El Paso County, home to Colorado Springs. Wonder if Joe Biden and the annihilistic Democrats summoned them? More from Magog of Morskar.

BLM Founder Living…Bigly

Here is RedPill78’s second video of the day. Rather than doing one long general broadcast, he’s experimenting with doing short videos devoted to a specific topic.

We’re running both videos today so let us know what you think of his change in format.

His focus here: We see how one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, has benefited enormously from the group she helped launch. She is buying wealthy homes and retreats across the nation. All the while the mainstream media continues to try to fan the flames of racial discord and tension. Sweet racket!

Magog of Morskar looks into the particulars as the BLM co-founder buys what’s not only a $1.4 million mansion, but her fourth home. She calls herself a Marxist, but we’d call her a rich swine, living high on the hog. Leftists who support the BLM or give it money are simply showing their stupidity.

Orcas Slaughter Blue Whale

The sea remains a vicious mystery. Here, Magog of Morskar relates a cruel event off the coast of Australia, as a gang of 70 Orcas surround and badger a blue whale, bringing it down for the slaughter.

Captain Underpants Banned!

The Leftist censors taking aim at Dr. Seuss have only just begun. Now they are pulling the Captain Underpants books off the shelves of school libraries. The publishing company Scholastic Books is urging censorship, citing “passive racism” within these comic volumes.

Just how far are these assholes going to go? And who are they? If you remove everything by Dr. Seuss as well as Captain Underpants books, what’s going to be left to motivate kids to want to read?

The Leftists — and that includes most teachers, by the way — don’t give a shit. They don’t like kids reading. The kids might actually grow up being smart! Better to keep them all dumb and in the dark. More from Magog of Morskar.

Amazon Amasses Twitter Army

Amazon doesn’t like criticism. So much so, the mammoth company assembled a Twitter army to wage battle against anyone who dared to criticize Amazon or its CEO Jeff Bezos. More from Magog of Morskar.

Disney Japan’s Gender Bender

Disney Japan is going the way of the world, dropping all gender distinctions and references. No longer will visitors be greeted as “ladies and gentlemen” or as “children” welcome to visit the magical kingdom. Now, the new address simply as “Hello, everyone.” How drab and boring can you get? More from Magog of Morskar.

It Should Be Called Peepsi

What do you get when Pepsi and Peeps, the Easter candy, join forces and release a new drink in a piss-yellow can? More from Magog of Morskar.

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