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An App For That

In Pursuit of Truth delves into the strange case of Erin Valenti, a 33-year-old tech entrepreneur, who went missing last week in San Jose, Calif. She placed several calls to her husband and parents, talking for hours about being lost in a matrix. She told relatives, “it’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment, we are in the Matrix.” In point of fact, she was driving around San Jose, missing her scheduled flight home to Salt Lake City, Utah. Police subsequently found her dead inside a parked vehicle.

Valenti was founder and CEO of Tinker Ventures, an application design and development company, based in Salt Lake City. Among the companies for which Tinker developed aps: TSheets, Gainsight, Darktrace and Acadia. In the biochemical sector, the companies included Fermentas International and Integrated DNA Technologies. Her husband says she had no history of mental illness.

The [Deep State] is holding their fake impeachment inquiry the shadows. They do not want anyone to know what is really happening. They are looking for anything so they can go after Trump. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are in trouble. All eyes are on them. Watch California: This is on purpose. The patriots are allowing the [DS] to drain themselves. Comey sends out a message to the [DS] operatives. The [DS] knows that they do not have much time and soon the patriots will make a move that will destroy the [DS]. More from the X22 Report.

Comey and Mifsud meeting in Australia. Clapper too! ABC News is passing off some fake footage claiming it’s the Turks firing on the Kurds, but it’s not at all.  Lots of connections made in this episode of RedPill78. One correction: The IG report will not be coming out Friday as originally planned. Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business News says it’s been delayed yet again and likely won’t appear until the end of October.

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McAllister TV interviews Norman Traversy, who has led a prolonged legal case against the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, charging him with corruption and fraud. Trudeau is the leader of the Liberal Party, which appears poised to lose its majority in the Canadian House of Commons, but could still form a coalition with the left-leaning New Democrats to keep the Conservatives from taking control. The election is scheduled for next Monday.



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