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Jones Blasts Scumbag Liberals

Political commentator Alex Jones is fed up with liberals sucking up to the enemy, and he isn’t going to take it anymore. In an impassioned presentation on “Info Wars,” Jones calls out President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Angela Merkel among a host of other sickofanic leftists as jihad-loving, scumbag liberals that need to be dealt with. Don’t miss the full thrust of Jones’ justified and fiery verbal assault on the looney left in this edition of The Alex Jones Channel.

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Profile Of a Serial Liar

Burger King wasn’t the only place serving whoppers during the State of the Union Tuesday night. Turns out President Obama dished out several super whoppers in his final address on the state of our nation. Riding the rails on a pattern that has stretched seven years, President Obama continued his disdain for the truth, taking credit for just about everything good imaginable that has beset the country. Host Alex Jones analyzes the incessant lies and how Obama has destroyed the country.

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Don’t Help the Perpetrators

“Info Wars” host Alex Jones breaks down how recent events in Oregon could provoke and actually help Obama come after our guns via executive orders. “Don’t let Obama be successful when it comes to starting civil unrest and riots in this country,” Jones says. “They will use that as a civil emergency to bring in a soft type of Marshall Law.” Jones implores us to be wary of a globalist movement, to peel our eyes for government tyranny. Listen closely to his commentary in this edition of The Alex Jones Channel.

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The Cashless Society is Near

It has begun. The enslavement of the proletariat. Info Wars host Alex Jones reports a recent revelation in Scandinavia where the government of Denmark has set a goal to eradicate all cash in its society by 2030. People think that will give them more control of their lives, but Jones begs to differ. “Instead of understanding, they can then tax you, track you, control you and then make you pay money to use the digital money,” he says. “It will give them the greatest control over individual freedom and markets the world has ever seen.” Jones elaborates further in this feature on The Alex Jones Channel.

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Can Food Be Racist?

College kids continue to be offended by items being offered in school cafeterias and restaurant patrons are not taking kindly to some food items on the menu. So can food be racist in this ridiculously politically correct world? Host Alex Jones takes on the issue in this edition of “Info Wars” on The Alex Jones Channel.

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U.S. Muslim Infiltration is Real

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs’ lengthy investigation into the American Caliphate has revealed some disturbing truths. Visiting Dearborn, Michigan, which is home to the largest Muslim population and mosque in the U.S., to the secret Muslim compounds in the mountains of upstate New York, Biggs reports without a doubt that Sharia Law has arrived in our country. Tune in as Biggs describes some incredible scenes in these communities, such as residents setting off fireworks and celebrating the ISIS attack in Paris.

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Obama’s Term the Most Corrupt

Fiery conservative radio-show host Michael Savage blasts President Barack “Barry” Hussein Obama’s administration and American government in general, as he erupts on The Alex Jones Channel’s “Info Wars,” hosted by Alex Jones. Savage, whose wildly popular mid-afternoon radio show is based in liberal San Francisco, tells Jones and readers of his book, Government Zero, how America is being brainwashed. “It is the most corrupt, degenerate, criminal government in American history, and I’m not saying this for effect nor to sell a book,” Savage says. “I’m trying to awaken people.”

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Radical Bill Ayers is Baaack!

Social pariah Bill Ayers is rearing his ugly head again. The domestic terrorist and counter-culture activist of the 1960s is now supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, advising the thugs to start fires to attract attention. In a recent Internet radio interview, he said Black Lives Matter is, “one of the most hopeful signs in the last several decades of folks coming together and building a movement for fundamental change.”

Author and political commentator Dr. Jerome Corsi tells Alex Jones that there is a method to the Black Lives Matter madness. “If you think about it seriously, it should be All Lives Matter. Why are we focusing on Black Lives Matter?,” he says. “But the underlying theme here–the hidden message–is that the police are the white society’s institutionalized oppressor of black people, designed to keep the black people into subjectivity.” Listen to the rest of their discussion in this edition of “Info Wars” on The Alex Jones Channel.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored this video. In its absence, we present another video, from Bitchute, where Jerome Corsi talks about Q-Anon.)


Our Covert Space Program

Journalist and noted author Jim Marrs joins Lee Ann McAdoo in the Info Wars studio to discuss the Obama-Putin clash in Syria, the fracking controversy in Oklahoma and to debunk the myth that we are running out of oil. Marrs also claims that NASA shut down our official overt space program because we have an unofficial covert space program. Marrs also contends that the other aspect for the sudden shut down has something to do with extraterrestrials. Tune in to his informative interview on The Alex Jones Channel.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has deleted this video. In its absence, we run a BitChute video where Alex Jones talks about America’s secret space program, interviewing Jack Posobiec.)

Conservatism is Cool Again

Paul Joseph Watson, popular comedian and conspiracy theorist, gets quite serious in this exclusive editon of “The Info Wars” on The Alex Jones Channel by proclaiming, “Conservatism is the new counterculture. The progressive establishment has a problem. The hunger for non-conformist thought and opinion is raging.” Watson says the decline in Progressivism can be seen in the unforseen popularity of Donald Trump and the cratering of the once-vibrant movement of third-wave feminism. Simply said, conservatism is becoming cool again.

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