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Pelosi Assassination Plot

Did Nancy Pelosi want to take all of her children and grandchildren out of the country so they would not be present during an assassination attempt on President Trump? That is one of the premises McAllisterTV explores in her latest video.  Also in this video:

  • A discussion of kuru, the rare, neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects cannibals. In other words, it’s an affliction primarily found in New Guinea as well among high-ranking Democratic politicians in the US of A. Think Al Gore, baby!
  • Chuck Schumer and Heidi Fleiss. Did Schumer parlay his friendship with Fleiss to procure adolescents, mostly young boys, for sex?

Here is the YouTube channel McAllisterTV mentions — Blessed to Teach, a channel with a Christian focus. Here, the attention turns to the evil Nancy Pelosi and the blood moon-blood lusting-bloodthirsty Democrats in Congress.

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T.R. U Reporting also gets into the alleged plot, focusing on the Twitter feeds of Greg Rubini. We do not know, obviously, if any of this conjecture is true, but Pelosi and Schiff trying to leave the country, at the same time on military transport planes with scores of relatives joining them, certainly fuels this speculation.

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