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Aliens Devouring Our Kids!

If you thought the fake pandemic, lockdowns and the covid-19 deadly injection were scary, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. June will bring an Awakening so great that even the most awake humans will be just a little bit concerned.

Here, Ryushin Malone spells out what’s coming. He’s predicting an invasion by aliens who dine on children — the outer space cousins of the aliens who have been living for centuries on the dark side of the moon as well as below ground in Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs. Malone says the world’s governments, leaders and military are not only aware of these aliens, but have been cooperating with them for centuries.

What they’ve done is heinous and criminal in a massive way, trafficking and exterminating millions upon millions of children over many centuries. The most vile of the practices indulged by these aliens — the murder of children and  harvesting of their adrenochrome — have been copied by traitorous humans like Hollywood stars and music icons who now do the same thing at Spirit Cooking events.

Malone knocks some of the researchers who have been trying to expose these horrors, including Michael Jaco and Gene Decode. Malone says these figures have been spinning half-truths, trying to dress up the damage.

For instance, Malone takes Gene Decode to task for saying the DUMBS are set out in a pattern duplicating Zodiac signs like Gemini and Orion.  Instead, says Malone, the DUMBs follow the star patterns of the binary star system known as Zeta Reticuli, home of some of the space aliens visiting Earth. Other aliens — the Greys — come from Proximus Centauri, while the most vicious and bloodthirsty — the Reptilians — are believed to hail from the region around the star Procyon in the constellation Canis Minor.

Call him a lunatic or a fraud, but this is indeed, an eye-opening argument and explanation for much that has transpired — not only in recent years, but going back centuries upon centuries. Malone’s theories are not pretty or comforting. They are wild and depressing. But we agree with him on one point: It’s time we heard the truth from our leaders. Tell the truth, or get the hell out of Washington. Wil Paranomal assembled this video.

Their Plan Is Purely Satanic

Researcher Sofia Smallstorm joins me to discuss new information revealing what the enemies of humanity have planned for us. More from the SGTReport.

Hollywood cannibals! Hollywood satanists! Vatican assassins! 9th Circle! It’s deeper than you think. More from McAllister TV.

Pelosi Assassination Plot

Did Nancy Pelosi want to take all of her children and grandchildren out of the country so they would not be present during an assassination attempt on President Trump? That is one of the premises McAllisterTV explores in her latest video.  Also in this video:

  • A discussion of kuru, the rare, neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects cannibals. In other words, it’s an affliction primarily found in New Guinea as well among high-ranking Democratic politicians in the US of A. Think Al Gore, baby!
  • Chuck Schumer and Heidi Fleiss. Did Schumer parlay his friendship with Fleiss to procure adolescents, mostly young boys, for sex?

Here is the YouTube channel McAllisterTV mentions — Blessed to Teach, a channel with a Christian focus. Here, the attention turns to the evil Nancy Pelosi and the blood moon-blood lusting-bloodthirsty Democrats in Congress.

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T.R. U Reporting also gets into the alleged plot, focusing on the Twitter feeds of Greg Rubini. We do not know, obviously, if any of this conjecture is true, but Pelosi and Schiff trying to leave the country, at the same time on military transport planes with scores of relatives joining them, certainly fuels this speculation.

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The Standard Hotel Mystery

McAllisterTV veers down a rabbit hole to explore the nefarious goings-on at the Standard Hotel. That’s the hotel in Adam Schiff’s district in Los Angeles that has been connected repeatedly to spirit cooking and cannibalistic rituals. Was a young woman sacrificed there, in Rm. 325? A woman who had seemingly been “befriended” by former President Barack Obama? Why exactly was he seeing this same woman, year after year, when she was 10, 11, 12? Why was his hand bandaged, with a cut seemingly on his third finger? How does this mystery connect with NXIVM — the sex-bondage charlatans in upstate New York? Lots to explore here, so dive in and be prepared for a deep, deep dive.


Hard to Swallow

McAllisterTV returns to Epstein’s Island to analyze various Q-Anon statements as well as photo enhancements drawn from images by Rachel Chandler. The island appears to have been used as a retreat by cannibals. The well-heeled visitors were not necessarily engaging in sex with the victim children, but seemed to be torturing and eating them. Given the number of visits to the island by both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, this is indeed “hard to swallow.” But it’s time we all learned more about this Caribbean vacation hotspot. Why were the elite all going to Epstein’s Island?

The Island

Jamie Dlux explores the social atmosphere on Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island and the discussion of A-list Hollywood performers and directors — including Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen and Bryan Singer — engaged in sexual trysts with underage teens.

McAllisterTV takes a loom at Hivites and Luciferians, pedovores and pedophiles, in short — cannibals — operating within the US government.  Also, there’s a roster of those corporations, including Pepsi and Aquafina, that are beginning to use ingredients extracted from aborted fetuses.

Their Symbols Give Them Away

Panic in DC! Their symbols give them away and will be their downfall. More, here, on the Satanists who are attempting to force all of us into a New World Order. They want only 500 million of us to survive — to cater to their needs and provide them food and stimulation. More from McAllisterTV.

Will the New York Times ever investigate this issue? Of course not. The Times is owned by Mexican industrialist Carlos Slim, who boasts a reported net worth of $67 billion. Isaac Kappy, in Hollywood, has alleged Slim “is a Satanic pedophile and cannibal.” There have been earlier assertions to the same effect.

Here, a woman in Monterey, Mexico — Gabriela Rico Jimenez — had broken free from what she claimed were Illuminati cannibals. She charged that Carlos Slim was one of them, and that they killed and ate their victims.

What ever happened to Jimenez? Is she still alive? Did the Times ever investigate? Undoubtedly, they did not. Their callous reporters are never going to tell us the truth about their ownership.

Why do you think they hired Mark Thompson as their chief executive officer. His claim to fame? He helped cover up the abuses of Jimmy Savile for so many years, leading to scores upon scores of children who were raped, maimed and psychologically abused, if not murdered. Birds of a feather, flock together.

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Los Angeles’ Cannibal Club

So where do the elite of Los Angeles dine? Would you believe a cannibal club, where they gorge on human flesh? Members of the elite club are said to include Katy Perry, Chelsea Clinton, Anderson Cooper and Meryl Streep. The club has a website, but doesn’t list its address.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

What do you do when you live on a cul-de-sac and learn that your new next-door neighbors are flesh-eating, zombie cannibals high on bath salts? Time to summon the League of S.T.E.A.M.

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