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Focus On The Future

We trip down memory lane to 2008 to revisit Bill Gates’ retirement from the computing giant Microsoft. He’s trying to get into the swing of retirement so he consults with a few of his buddies — Jay Z, Bono, Steven Spielberg, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, George Clooney, Barack Obama. Does he know anybody who isn’t a Leftist creep? More from Jamie Dlux.

The Mission Is Just Beginning

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now doing exactly what the Patriots want. The mission is about to begin. The plan is moving forward. The last four years was about changing everything: Waking people up, putting a plan in place to protect the country. The storm is coming and it will hit the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media when they least expect it. [Hillary Rodham Clinton] sends out comms. Is something big about to happen? More from the X22 Report.

Did the GOP betray the American people? Who’s actually in control? Are we headed for another crisis? More from JustInformed Talk.

Rumble advertises itself as a free-speech alternative to YouTube. But Jordan Sather says Rumble has been modifying his videos that pertain to the Q movement. Here, he shows how the meddling censorship is done. Unlike his other videos posted on Rumble, those pertaining to the Q movement do not show a view count. And the embed button has been removed from all of them, meaning they can’t be embedded on Facebook or other platforms and websites. The moral of the story: Rumble might be an improvement over YouTube. But it’s only marginally so. We prefer Bitchute, even if it’s occasionally wonky.

Did JFK Jr. Foretell Future?

John F. Kennedy Jr.’s George magazine cleverly unmasked and exposed the corruption and evil of the world, but did his nose for news actually foretell what is going on today? In the end, of course, he might have been just another number in the Clinton body count. But there are those who still believe that JFK Jr. outfoxed the fascist globalist sellouts on all sides, such as the Bushes and Clintons.

Kennedy not only owned George, he served as editor-in-chief, and his hard-hitting style in the 1990s had many Deep State players quaking in their boots. RenaudBe says many of the magazine’s political articles mirrored issues we see today. In the following video, RenaudBe focuses on the August 1997 issue of George, which features actor Harrison Ford on the cover. “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” he says. He points out that the message on Ford’s top hat was his own editing, not the magazine’s.

Perhaps the most telling article in the issue, is the profile on Janet Reno, attorney general in the Clinton Administration. Although the media usually portrayed Reno and President Clinton as adversaries, that was a fallacy, according to then-Clinton senior advisor Rahm Emmanuel. The article was critical of Reno for cutting a deal with Clinton to retain her job in exchange for not appointing an independent counsel in the fund-raising scandal involving Vice-President Al Gore, who was illegally soliciting campaign funds while at the White House. Not only did she mishandle the Gore shenanigans, but she also adjudicated the case of John Huang, a Democratic National Committee staffer who solicited funds from China for Clinton’s campaign! Sound familiar? All Reno could muster was, “We have to look into it.” President Clinton denied knowing anything about it and pleaded with Reno not to appoint an independent prosecutor, promising her job was safe.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Clinton was at it again, begging Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an Arizona tarmac to make Hillary’s email atrocities go away in exchange for perhaps a Supreme Court appointment. “They don’t change. They don’t have any new options. They do the same thing over and over,” RenaudBe says.

The most eerie piece in the issue comes from a segment called the “Junk Mail Alert,” where there’s a reference to the Clintons “picking corn.” RenaudBe says we know the term corn refers to intelligence, as was suggested in the Q posts (Post 3710) during the Jim Comey saga. And who penned this alert? A writer named John Solomon. Could this be the same investigative reporter monitoring today’s Deep State activities? You be the judge.

And finally, RenaudBe wonders why Kennedy named his dog, Friday. Could it be because that was the day his father was assassinated? He loved  that dog and Friday was not on the plane to Martha’s Vineyard that crashed. “We talked about how things were going to be Biblical at the beginning of this video,” RenaudBe says. “What is more Biblical than a dead person coming back to life. John Kennedy Jr. could of faked his death easily, because he was an overly cautious pilot and always flew with a co-pilot and flight instructor, and always took Friday with him.” But on this day, says RenaudBe, there was no flight instructor and no Friday on the plane. Here’s more with RenaudBe, as he brings us more gems from the issue, including references to human trafficking and pedophilia.

According To Paris

We’ve all heard of the Paris Accord. Now that the Democrats have returned to power, they are pushing this agreement again. It’s supposedly designed to save the Earth’s environment, but it’s actually just a means for a bunch of pedophiles. globalists and Leftists — think Al Gore — to scam boatloads of money from industries. Naturally, you’ll be the one paying all of these criminals in the end. Jamie Dlux explains with some imaginative drawings.

Deep State Prepares For Loss

The [Deep State] is now preparing for their loss. They know it is coming. The Department of Justice is now investigating those Governors — in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California — that pushed people into nursing homes. The people are waking up and now the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are panicking. The people are not buying the peaceful protests. They see the riots and they see how the country is being burned to the ground. The patriots know the playbook. Countermeasures are now in place. More from the X22 Report.

We review the 2-year anniversary of No Name’s passing, the death of John McCain, a stunning proof that is one of the most important ever received. Tragedy strikes Kenosha and two men are dead with one in jail and charged with intentional homicide. Why are soldiers going missing or turning up dead at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas? The Republican message is spreading and the Dems lash out at Pompeo over his RNC speech. More from RedPill78.

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Al Gore is talking trash, saying the Secret Service will have to remove President Donald Trump! Pretty bold conjecture from a pill-popping blood sucker! Dems are calling for an investigation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech before the Republican National Convention, even before he gave it. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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GITMO now has a new name: Camp Justice. How long before the corrupt and violent Democrats are rounded up to be sent to Gitmo? How about their terrorist allies in Antifa and Black Lives Matter? Or the [Deep State] bastards who thought they could steal America away from its people and its promise as a great nation?

Buckle up, patriots. The ride is going to get bumpier before everything smooths out. We must rise now, we must reclaim our nation, or else we die, and so does America and all it stands for. More from And We Know.

Destroying the Illusion’s Jordan Sather discusses the proposed legislation to condemn Q-Anon.  Mighty odd to legislators to take offense over a letter of the alphabet!

There are a string of child trafficking and sex busts involving men preying upon kids. The Republican National Convention is a huge smash. It is faring much better with the public, who were turned off by all of the dark messages, some involving Satanic indoctrination, that were part of the Democratic Convention.

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Speaking Truth To Power

Kit Knightly of joins James Corbett to discuss the site’s ongoing coverage of the corona crisis. From experts questioning the panic to death figure over-estimates to pushback against the new normal, today we highlight the work of those who are speaking truth to power on the defining event of our age . . . and point out those who are cheering on the out-of-control police state. More from Corbett Report Extras.

Lil’ Brian Stelter of CNN admits he’s been crying himself to sleep over the coronavirus. He says “it’s OK to not be OK right now.” More from Mark Dice.

Nurses are our new clergy. The establishment has pushed that narrative of Health Care workers as being the heroes of the epidemic. More from Ramzpaul.

The Coronavirus was created in the United States and smuggled to a laboratory in China by a globalist cabal where it was supposed to be ‘tamed’. Instead, it was released or escaped, now mutating into a pandemic for which no cure may ever be found, even as a more virulent wave is expected to appear within the next year. Who was behind its creation? Who transported it out of the country and into the hands of Chinese scientists? Why did Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and The National Institutes of Health pay $3.7 million taxpayer dollars to experiment with a weapon so powerful that it now threatens to produce a mass extinction event?

Is mass quarantining of citizens warranted at a time when the U.S. economy is tanking? How long will it last? Is social distancing the ‘new normal’? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report.

Zeducation introduces us to a compilation of the best — and worst — homemade coronavirus masks.

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Policy Violations Behind Death

In the lead up to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide several procedures and policies seem to have been broken creating the result we saw in the news, Epstein’s demise.

Epstein was supposed to be checked every 30 minutes, he wasn’t.
Epstein was supposed to keep a cellmate with him, the cellmate got removed just before he died.

Aside from that why was he even taken off suicide watch considering how high profile he was?

What’s strange now is that the left, far left, and the right all seem to agree that the story is fishy and at some point Occam’s razor would suggest foul play. Now it’s possible all these factors came together to allow such a high profile person to end their own life but when you have mainstream Democrats, journalists, and activists questioning this foul play seems likely.

The bigger question then is why so many other journalists are refusing to accept the possibility. Why do so many poo poo the idea that something foul was afoot? Certainly its possible and considering all that had to happen to allow this it seems even slightly probable.

Will Chamberlain of Human Events joins me to discuss ideas about this and other conspiracies that the media so often seems ready to ignore. More from Tim Pool.

Tidbits from the 2,000 pages of Jeffrey Epstein documents released Friday:

* Matt Groening, creator of THE SIMPSONS, getting massages on the Lolita Express.
* Ghislaine Maxwell gives a blowjob to George Clooney.
* Al Gore joins the fun on Little St. James Island.
* US Sen. George Mitchell, D-Maine, consorting with Jeffrey while serving as chairman of the board at Disney.
* Lolita Express getting permission to land on a Naval Air Force Base in Japan to pick up Bill Clinton.
* US Sen. John Glenn, D-Ohio, flies Lolita Express to attend a birthday party for Les Wexner, head of Victoria’s Secret and other fashion firms, in Columbus.

Hey, and this is just the start. Remember: There’s nothing to see here! More from Jamie Dlux.

Pelosi Assassination Plot

Did Nancy Pelosi want to take all of her children and grandchildren out of the country so they would not be present during an assassination attempt on President Trump? That is one of the premises McAllisterTV explores in her latest video.  Also in this video:

  • A discussion of kuru, the rare, neurodegenerative disorder that primarily affects cannibals. In other words, it’s an affliction primarily found in New Guinea as well among high-ranking Democratic politicians in the US of A. Think Al Gore, baby!
  • Chuck Schumer and Heidi Fleiss. Did Schumer parlay his friendship with Fleiss to procure adolescents, mostly young boys, for sex?

Here is the YouTube channel McAllisterTV mentions — Blessed to Teach, a channel with a Christian focus. Here, the attention turns to the evil Nancy Pelosi and the blood moon-blood lusting-bloodthirsty Democrats in Congress.

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T.R. U Reporting also gets into the alleged plot, focusing on the Twitter feeds of Greg Rubini. We do not know, obviously, if any of this conjecture is true, but Pelosi and Schiff trying to leave the country, at the same time on military transport planes with scores of relatives joining them, certainly fuels this speculation.

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What Did Laura See?

Everyone is asking what was in the envelopes, and what was on the back of Laura’s program. (Or behind it.) I think these are separate questions. This video deals with what Laura saw and showed to Jeb. It does not deal with the envelopes. What if George was already under arrest and not going home?

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McAllisterTV says others at the funeral received letters — not only George Bush, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, but also Al Gore. Here, she analyzes more of the funeral videos. Have the recipients been loaded onto barges destined for Gitmo?


A Case of #Doughnutgate

Remember Pizzagate? Pizza shop owners aren’t the only ones with a flippant attitude about pedophilia. The same affliction applies to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon.

No one should be surprised by the fact that Oregon has more missing kids — on average — than any other state in the lower 48. The only states with comparably and outrageously high totals: Arizona and Alaska.

You can’t expect otherwise when businesses are this crass and crude in joking about pedophilia.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored this video. In its absence we present this comparable video from BitChute.)

And speaking of paranoia, remember the stories of Al Gore, wandering around the country, packing a suitcase full of blood?

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