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Panic-Ridden [DS] Trolls Trump

Part of the plan is to show the American people that the mainstream media uses propaganda and fake news. Roger Stone’s arrest shows that there is no Russian collusion. The discovery is going to show very interesting things.

Hillary Clinton looking to run in 2020. The [Deep State] is pushing HR1, failed on arrival, Senate was the key. Trump nominates 51 Federal judges. Macron pushes red scarves on the yellow vests. Trump using the same strategy with Venezuela as North Korea. [DS] panicking, trolling Trump. Think mirror, Who is in control? Patriots. More from the X22 Report.

More MSM outlets are laying off people. Cory Booker is now running for President.More leaks and it shows Comey lied. His testimony does not fit E.W. “Bill” Preistab’s account of what happened. Donald Trump Junior’s phone call to his father while in Trump Tower turns out to be false. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, falls flat on his face. Pelosi playing with words when talking about the border wall. Did Trump just expose the Neocons, MSM and others when he made that call to the opposition leader in Venezuela? Trump tweets about ending the wars the DS started. Q is back and he posted two new posts. It seems the Patriots are ready to fire back. Target locked on, incoming. Wait for it. Here comes the booms. More from the X22 Report.


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