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Masters And Slaves

When is enough is enough? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Remember when the pandemic first began and politicians spoke of “temporary” solutions. Now, these same leaders and their academic toadies are trying to extend al of the “temporary” measures and make them permanent prescriptions. In other words, they want to round all of us up, strip away our freedoms, and force us into some crappy corner of some monstrous hellhole. More from Computing Forever.

France Turns To Populist Right

France is turning to the populist right! The nation’s Leftist president, Emmanuel Macron, is hitting the panic button as Marine Le Pen is surging in all of the latest polls. We are now about a year off from the first rounds of voting in the April 2022 election. More from Steve Turley.

Birds Of Prey

Olivier Dassault, a French lawmaker and son of deceased aviation billionaire Serge Dassault, has died in a helicopter crash. French President Emmanuel Macron called it a “great loss” to the country. Here, In Pursuit of Truth examines the death and explores how it might affect evolving relations between China and India, as well as Iran.

Backlash Against Big Tech

The Big Tech oligarchs apparently bit off more than they could chew with their unilateral decision to ban President Donald Trump. Since when can a bunch of creeps in San Jose, California, place their own Leftist politics ahead of the rest of the nation? Now only has Big Tech made huge enemies across America, but world leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron have castigated these tinhorn censors. More from Steve Turley.

Twitter Condemned Worldwide

Leaders of nations across the planet, including Angela Merkel in Germany, Emmanuel Macron of France and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico, have issued stinging condemnations against Twitter for its decision to blackball President Donald Trump, removing his account and all of his Tweets. This is a nearly universal rebuke to Twitter.

It reflects the fears of these world leaders that if Twitter can exert such blatant censorship against the President of the United States, the platform and its creepy leader Jack Dorsey will feel perfectly entitled to do the same knee-jerk blacklisting against any world leader anytime and anywhere Twitter chooses. It’s so flagrantly phony and wrong, it’s hard to picture how Twitter thought they could get away with such Fascism. The company’s stock price has dropped three straight days. Let’s hope it continues to plummet! More from Steve Turley.

Here, journalist Glenn Greenwald explains to Tucker Carlson on Fox News why this move by Twitter has stirred such a swift backlash across the globe.

Twitter COMPLAINS that Uganda banned the website even though Twitter has been BANNING thousands of conservatives since banning President Donald Trump. The Internet responds as people NUKE Twitter with SPICY memes as Twitter’s stock price COLLAPSES. More from Mr. Obvious.

We close with Greg Gutfeld from the Fox News program The Five, discussing how the same Leftist entities that were so silent about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots last summer are now having conniption fits over what happened at the U.S. Capitol. Gutfeld explains the position of most conservatives — we stand against the destruction of people’s homes and business just as strongly as we stand against shenanigans at the U.S. Capitol. None of this violence, whether carried out by those on the left or those on the right, should be permitted or excused or embraced. More from the Next News Network.


Drawing more cartoons won’t stop this. More from Paul Joseph Watson, delving into the Jihadist decapitations of French citizens and an incident in Great Britain where an Islamist destroyed a Christian cross on top of a church. Where are the defenders of the Christian faith?

The French President Emmanuel Macron has cracked down on radical Islam in the aftermath of this latest wave of violence and savage butchery. Is he turning to the nationalist right or simply trying to look tough to save his own skin? More from Steve Turley.

Germans Protest Merkel And EU

Germans are breaking the lockdown in protests against Angela Merkel and the European Union. These protests have been going on for a while now, but are getting larger all the time. It’s similar to the running protests in France over the leadership of Emmanuel Macron. More from Mahyar Tousi.

Macron Falling!

Leftists are defending a new wave of riots as President Emmanuel Macron loses control of France.  As the Leftists are joined by Muslim immigrants, the country is tottering and Macron might not be able to retain his position. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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France Is Burning!

French President Emmanuel Macron is on the brink as France erupts into a new wave of migrant riots, capped off by fires. How does this latest round of violence compare to what happened before in 2005? How are these rioters posing an existential threat to Macron? More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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Macron On The Brink

If French President Emmanuel Macron thought he could breath easier now that 2019 is over, it looks like he was a bit premature in his thinking. The first weekend of 2020, the Yellow Vests are out in force protesting across the nation of France, the 60th consecutive week they have mounted their uprising. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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