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Why Is China Afraid Of Truth?

Here, The Edge of Wonder tackles the coronavirus coming out of China, giving a much-more detailed, lively and informative presentation of the truth. We’re not only talking about facts that the Chinese Communist Party hides, but also the biased and Leftist slanting American mass media. Here is The Edge of Wonder intro:

With all the craziness surrounding the #Coronavirus, we thought we’d shed some light on the subject and give you all the Edge of Wonder perspective. There is a lot of misinformation being spread along with many conspiracies so we dug through it all and will present what we found. However, the questions on everyone’s mind is how dangerous is this virus that was apparently started in #Wuhan and was this virus a natural #outbreak or something much darker? And if it is then what would be the purpose and why? We’ll also get into what the role the mainstream media has played in all this, and if and how they have any economic ties to the #Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in #China.

This is part 1. We will return with Part 2 when it is available.

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Coronavirus epidemic update 16 by pulmonologist & sleep specialist Dr. Seheult . Includes a comparison of confirmed cases and deaths within China vs. countries outside China. Dr. Seheult illustrates practical things we can do to boost our immunity / immune response to viral infections like the novel coronavirus based on peer-reviewed studies. More from MedCram.

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China has revamped its reporting rules. As part of the revamp, two of its mid-level Commie bosses got fired. The end result: We are seeing a bit more accurate totals now, but probably still quite fudged to downplay the extent of the disease. All told, there are now about 65,000 cases worldwide and 1,400 deaths. There are eight new cases in Singapore, so they are under the gun. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

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Oh, boy…the scientific research on covid-19 (the new name of the Wuhan coronavirus) continues to reveal what a huge challenge containing this virus is. A new report from Los Alamos Labs calculates its R0 at between 4.7 to 6.6. That is massively contagious!

It’s little wonder then why we’re seeing more and more reports of doctors and health workers falling sick, despite using proper PPE and contamination protocol.

China, which bumped up the number of total infected within the country by 33% last night, is clearly facing a public health nightmare of epic proportion. As we keep saying, we think the true reality on the ground there is even much worse than the official numbers we’re being given. That said, China’s totalitarian approach of mandatory home quarantine for hundred of millions of people is likely the best way to fight a virus this contagious. Nore from Chris Martenson.

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Here is a report from Shenzhen, a city in southern China  just across the border with Hong Kong. Shenzhen, boasting a population of 12.9 million, is full of apartment complexes. They are shown here. Residents now face daily monitoring. No visitors are allowed to come to their apartments. The once-bustling shopping mall in the city is now a virtual no-man’s land. Street are empty. Everything is eerie. More from BusanKevin.

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