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Don’t Mess With Kari!

CNN, the Fake News, showed up to a Kari Lake campaign event in Arizona. BIG mistake!

CNN tries to push their conspiracy theories & makes absolute fools of themselves. And Lake, who is running for governor of Arizona, gives us reason to believe she just might have the steadfast determination to win.


Vaccines In Your Food!

There’s shocking news out of the University of California that the creation of mRNA vaccine fruits and vegetables are almost ready to be deployed into supermarkets. The excuse, of course, is to keep people safe, but this has the potential to kill millions.

“They (Deep State) are developing very serious bioweapons, that by the way, is going to sound like some of the craziest conspiracy theories you’ve ever heard,” says Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media. “However, it’s actually happening and it’s entirely in the mainstream.”

Meanwhile, there are also reports of theragrippers on swabs, used to inject vaccines via parasitic robots, that cling to your stomach. And Bill Gates is getting in on the action, still purchasing large swaths of farmland throughout the country to produce the ominous fruits and vegetables. More from World Alternative Media.

Push On For Global Genocide

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the latest rounds of mandates and the PROVEN globalist conspiracy to depopulate and reset the global economy. We discuss the difference between conspiracy theory and real proven conspiracies; specifically, how they use these terms to discredit truth and to get away with massive crime. Zelenko also shares his views of God and how we can use these difficult times to grow our spiritual consciousness.


Hillary And JFK Jr’s Reunion

Remember Sep. 11, 2016 when Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 memorial early, feeling ill? She stumbled as she was entering a van in New York City. Ostensibly, she had suffered from heat or fatigue and had to go recharge at her daughter Chelsea’s apartment.

But here, Miki Klann presents a different hypothesis. She believes Hillary stumbled because John F. Kennedy Jr. was inside the waiting van.

Hillary was in shock that JFK Jr. was still alive, as she had earlier attempted to orchestrate an assassination effort against him to keep him from running for the U.S. Senate seat in New York — the same seat that Hillary came to hold.

Klann is an avid researcher with interests in numerology and gematria, as well as astronomy and mythology. She helps operate the website Our Great Awakening at

bluewater presents this video.

Walmart Ads Raise Eyebrows

Riss Flex reports that outrageous pricing on items from a couple of Walmart retailers is raising eyebrows. CawBing, which supplies Walmart with a variety of items, lists several everyday products, such as pillow cases and shower curtains, at a whopping $6,666, while a Topwoner curling iron is advertised for nearly $10,000, and costume reindeer antlers and a syrup juice dispenser are priced at $5,500.

Strangely enough, a number of the high-priced items on the CawBing page are all priced at $6,666, while several at Topwoner products are marked at $5,555. “There’s trends that we’re noticing here that don’t add up,” Flex says. “There’s something behind it and whatever’s going on doesn’t make sense.” As you would suspect, Walmart has placed a disclaimer on both pages: “We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here and we have not verified it.”

The ads are eerily similar to what appeared on the Wayfair online website last year, eliciting conspiracy theories that the ads were part of a child sex-trafficking scheme. We present the following video, not as gospel truth, but so the material can receive further research. There are tantalizing threads to the story, but also some elements that could be fraudulent. And, as always, practice your own due diligence and judgement.

JFK Jr.-Juan O. Savin Enigma

Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy, whose popular blog features UFOs, the paranormal and a variety of conspiracy theories, says she’s totally on the bandwagon that John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive and currently in disguise as Juan O. Savin.

Appearing on Indie_Media_Eastcoast11, Cassidy says a series of cryptic dreams about JFK Jr., coupled with her psychic intuition, further research and personal contact with Juan O. Savin, brought her to the conclusion that the two are one in the same. “I have been relentless talking to Juan O. Savin as if he’s JFK Jr. and when he writes to me, he never ever says he’s not (JFK Jr.).” She added that JFK Jr. has long been in disguise as Juan O. Savin and other disguises as well.

One of the first things she did after her encounter with Savin was dissect his name and what she found was fascinating. The name Juan connects to John, of course, the middle initial O was surely a reference to Onassis or Jackie O, in tribute to his mother, and, most stunning of all, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library was built in a Dorchester, Mass., neighborhood known as Savin Hill. You can’t make this stuff up.

Finally, in the latter part of the video, Cassidy drops a few more bombshells, including many more celebrities who have supposedly “died” are still alive and an unreported story that President Trump has undergone secret prostate surgery. Her most stunning revelation is that Princess Diana not only is alive, she is masquerading as Melania, is married to President Trump and Barron is their son.

Absolutely wild and shocking stuff, folks. Be warned to always judge the material on the merits of your own due diligence. Here’s more of the video, which includes prominent tarot reader known only as Janine, and Jean-Claude of Indie_Media_Eastcoast11.

JFK: The Sacrificed King

The late Bill Cooper, radio broadcaster and author, was labeled by the media and others as a conspiracy theorist throughout his career. His book, Behold the Pale Horse, addresses many conspiracies regarding UFO and aliens, but he was especially enthralled by the John F. Kennedy assassination.

In the following video, dug up from the Cooper archives by the Exposing Corruption channel, Cooper delves into the Freemason symbology of Dealey Plaza and connection to his JFK’s assassination. Cooper is quick to point out that Dallas is located on the 33rd parallel latitude, significant because the highest degree in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is the 32nd degree. He says the 33rd degree is awarded only to those who contribute significantly to the completion of the New World Order, ruled by illumined man, whose number is 666.

In a riveting examination of Dealey Plaza, where Kennedy was gunned down in his motorcade, Cooper breaks down what he calls overwhelming occult symbolism for those who have studied and understand it. As always, do your own research and judge for yourself.

Conspiracy Fly

Good ol’ Conspiracy Fly’s song from the end of Family Guy Season 18 Episode 17.

Explorers’ Guide To SciFi World

The globalists have been trying to use an array of violent tactics, including bioweapons and Antifa radicals, to destroy the American middle class and break down our resistance. But we are done bending the knee to these bastards. We are waking up and sounding our battle cry: What the fuck?

Douchebag liars like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates will never control our society. They might play games with our food supply or attempt to weaken and wreck our economy, but we no longer believe or trust them, nor do we buy into the mainstream media that covers up the truth on behalf of these liars.

This will be a hot summer of Vindication Woo! Watch for danger in June, panic in July and change to begin in August. More from Clif_High.

CIA Infiltration In Plain Sight

Today I want to show you this new document released by Google and Rand, detailing infiltration of so-called “conspiracy groups,” along with some history on the term and its popularization by the CIA. More from RedPill78.

Jordan Sather also gets into the Rand report in his latest Accordin’ To Jordan video. Rand, he says, has infiltrated the “conspiracy movement.”  Otherwise, he touches upon UFOs in the mainstream media, gives some election audit updates and spells out some of the quirks surrounding vaccines for children.


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