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White Ethnomasochism

Why are white-dominated countries so eager to turn their nations into multicultural snakepits? The ethnomasochism on display in Canada, the United States, Australia and across much of Western Europe is not only puzzling, but singularly revealing. You don’t see the same kinds of suicidal policies pushed in Japan or Hong Kong, or among other Asian and Muslim nations. What’s compelling the West to commit hara-kiri? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.


John Cena Licks The Boot

Many of us have watched and enjoyed the career of John Cena, the WWF wrestler who embodies an American Average Joe. But not anymore. Now Cena is a Hollywood actor and he’s licking the boot of the Chinese Communists. He’s not only sold mus down the river but also Taiwan and Hong Kong, so he can get along with the Communists who own much of the Hollywood infrastructure. Hey, John. Nice knowing ya! More from The Quartering.

Mark Dice calls it the most pathetic public apology ever. Yes, it appears John Cena has sunk his career as an American hero. Henceforth, he shall be known as a coward.

China Draws Red Lines Vs. U.S.

The Chinese Communist Party has drawn four red lines for the Biden Administration, positions, it says, that cannot be crossed. This comes as Biden’s China policy remains unclear.

The four demands, imposed by China Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Li, include: 1–End support for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet; 2–Resume U.S.-China dialogue on all levels; 3–End tariffs on Chinese products and sanctions on Chinese enterprises; and 4–Remove all restrictions on China’s state-run media and cultural entities. Says China Uncensored host Chris Chappell, “I feel like this is cheating. That is way more than four things.” Here’s more with Chappell on the consequences of the demands and Biden’s probable response.

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It’s How Business Is Done Here

Mark Dice examines the many Hollywood movies and TV shows that are being censored, rewritten or modified to appease the Communist Chinese. Anything that might get a title banned from China is stricken and villains no longer arise from that nation, but rather from smaller neighbors like South Korea. The Chinese exert particular control over signage or symbols pertaining to neighboring territories that the Chinese believe they own, for instance, Tibet, Taiwan or Hong Kong.


Powell Releases New Kraken

Sidney Powell released another bombshell on the Rush Limbaugh Show, regarding foreign interference in the Presidential election. She says her team has obtained an affidavit from a cyber warfare person that shows the diagram of all foreign attacks on election night, when Dominion Software left its voting machines open and unencrypted and vulnerable to interference.

Powell says her team has witnesses who documented that the voting system was connected to the Internet, a charge Dominion vehemently denies. She says packets of information went to Serbia, Liechtenstein, Spain, Venezuela, China and Hong Kong. “There was traffic all over our voting system that was supposed to be self-contained, not accessible on the Internet at all.” Powell explains further in the Rush Limbaugh Show interview, provided by Doug Tennapel.

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China Talking War

China is preparing for war–again. Xi Jinping met with the seven-member standing committee of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo in late November. According to Xinhua, the state-run news agency, he spoke about preparing for war by integrating political work into all links of combat effectiveness.

Basically, says China Uncensored anchor Chris Chappell, Jinping wants good communist soldiers who listen to their party. And by the party, of course, he means himself. In other China headlines, Chappell reports on the re-arrest of dissident Joshua Wong and Apple Daily’s Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam’s pile of cash and why China is laying claim to the moon, and Kimchi.

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China’s Dark Turn

“I’m more anti-China than you!” That’s one theme of this Presidential election. But not long ago, American presidents were excited about China. The Communist dictators had began to allow private property and the economy boomed. But sadly, political repression, spearhead by the China Communist Party, may have gotten worse and the country has taken a dark turn. 

The Worldwide Web is not worldwide in China. Most major Western Internet sites are blocked. A few computer nerds evade the ban, but by and large, China effectively controls its Internet. Even harmless jokes are banned. People who post forbidden things online may have their lives restricted.

China’s minorities have it even worse. The government wages cultural genocide against the Uyghurs, a Turkic-speaking minority, and it’s cracked down on Hong Kong, too, where protesters demanding freedom waved American flags.

When all is said and done, China’s repression reminds us how critical liberty is. Here’s more with John Stossel.

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China-U.S. In Cold War II?

President Donald Trump is seriously considering a visa ban on all members of the China Communist Party and their families, affecting millions of Chinese citizens. The move comes as the United States and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unveil a harder stance against China, including sanctions for the persecution of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang and a national security law in Hong Kong, and a potential ban on Chinese apps like TikTok and Huawei 5G. The actions would have a huge impact on the Chinese economy. Host Chris Chappell says China and the U.S. are in Cold War II and “shots” have been fired. Here’s his take on China Uncensored.

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China’s Covid-19 Coverup

A Hong Kong scientist who has escaped to the United States speaks with Fox News providing evidence of an extensive Covid-19 coverup by China. Scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan says supervisors covered up her potentially life-saving coronavirus research, while at the same time, they hid details about how the coronavirus was being spread.  She has been meeting with the FBI to explain what happened. Meanwhile, she remains in hiding in the United States. More from the Fox News.

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On another note, just how evil is the planned coronavirus vaccine. Here’s one account from a health professional that suggests this vaccine will not be so simple. Seems there could be dark and sinister elements within the vaccine that will transmit your health information to others. We need a full accounting of these facts before the vaccine is delivered.

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In Pursuit of Truth says Washington, DC, has become RAT infested. That not only speaks to the character of our nation’s politicians and governing elite, but it’s also a veiled reference to Remote Access Trojans. These RATS are malware that provide covert surveillance and unauthorized access to a victim PC. Trojans mimic keyloggers, giving the perpetrator access to the usernames, passwords, chat logs, browser histories and emails stored on that PC. In other words, it’s a way to gain backdoor access. You can remotely change the computer settings and use the bandwidth of the PC for criminal activity.

Here, IPOT also gets into Alexander Downer, the former Australian foreign minister who provided $25 million to the Clinton Foundation and also was involved in the sale of uranium to the same Russian state-owned company that later purchased Uranium One. Did he meet in London, Great Britain,with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? If so, what was the nature of their conversation? When Q posts reference the term “koala,” are they actually addressing this former Australian official?

Also, in a bombshell report, multiple Planned Parenthood officials have testified under oath that the non-profit engaged in the trafficking and sale of body parts and organs of babies that they slaughtered. These are criminal acts — acts which should be prosecuted to the utmost permissible under law.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are fighting for their lives. They know once the truth comes out, it is game over. They are prepared to use all assets to get what they want, even if it means destroying the US. The event narrative is rapidly falling apart. The healthy people want to know why they are still on lockdown. Does this really have to do with the virus or the election? New FBI docs show the Obama administration not only spied on Trump but also the Senate. More from The X22 Report.

Is God angry over the Communist Party in China? How else explain a storm that brewed over Beijing, darkening the skies and sending bolts of lightning popping to the ground in broad daylight? Are we witnessing a full-scale [Deep State] attack? All assets are deployed. Can the patriots win? More from And We Know News.

Our favorite anon and POTUS post perfectly to sew a narrative that must be paid attention to, it’s about the election. With Social media companies censoring voices, POTUS vows to take action against Twitter now that they have targeted him in a new way. Let’s take a look! Also, how did the Clowns at the CIA plan a scandal in Italy? More from RedPill78.

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John McCain’s treason is back in the news. Meanwhile, China is turning super-aggressive and stepping up its pressures to badger Hong Kong. It’s time form the United States, as well as Europe, to re-access our relations with China.  Much more of our manufacturing should occur at home so we are not dealing with a belligerent and corrupt state. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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