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Coronavirus: A Perspective

You can’t vanquish a virus, you can only prepare for it and avoid it until it leaves. More from Greg Gutfield, facing an empty audience on Fox News.

A humble hand sanitizer merchant is getting SLAMMED online for the nefarious crime of engaging in capitalism. More from Mr. Obvious.

Hollywood is now estimating it could take up to a $20 billion hit from the coronavirus pandemic. The industry has already lost several billion dollars, so the final size of the hit really depends on how long coronavirus continues and whether the accompanying shutdowns remain severe. More from Geeks and Gamers.

Fox Business News has suspended Trish Regan for delivering the following coronavirus Primetime. Looks like Fox Business News is turning just as scurillous and untrustworthy as MSNBC and CNN, both of which have engaged in non-stop Leftist chicanery and flat-out lying against President Donald Trump since the day he was elected. Frankly, it’s time for the public to abandon all of these networks. They have never told the truth. They all continue to skirt the major issue of our times, namely, covering up for pedophiles and child murderers who have made a mockery of our democracy through their endless trafficking and ingestion of adrenochrome.

It’s time to stop listening to any of these television networks. They are liars and moral derelicts whose failure to perform their journalistic duties resulted in the deaths of thousands of children worldwide. Maybe it’s time they actually told the truth for a change!

Computing Forever discusses the dangers of denial. Yes, we have a right to be skeptical about the coronavirus, its origins, how it spreads and how long it will last. But we are, in fact, seeing a rise in deaths across the globe, so something unprecedented is happening.

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to spark harsh reactions, quarantines, and curfews media has begun speculating that Trump will cancel the election or at least try too.

While there has been consistent and decent reporting pertaining to the current global crisis many in media are getting slammed for fake news hyperbolic nonsense about Trump.

Instead of focusing on what we can and should be doing many in media are taking the opportunity to smear the president.

Democrats and Republicans have their disagreements and are working on bills to protect the American people and while they may not get it completely right now is not the time for partisanship and bickering.

For media to come out with fear mongering insane political stories is not only irresponsibility it is outright unethical.

Now is the time we need to come together to solve the problems facing us.

But hey, Trump calls them the fake news for a reason. More from Tim Pool.

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