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America The Beautiful

Trish Regan says a new poll reveals that the majority of Americans are no longer so proud of their country. She gives her take on the surprising news and wraps up her report with a stunning rendition of “America The Beautiful.”

Biden’s Pathetic Policy Shift

The Biden Administration finally convinced Saudi Arabia and OPEC Plus to pump more oil. But, there’s a catch and the American people will not like it. Turns out Russia is a member of OPEC Plus!

The pathetic, two-faced policy shift by Biden comes after the administration’s sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukraine conflict. They went a step further and successfully pressured many European countries to stop buying Russian oil, only to spring an about-face. Trish Regan brings us to date on the craziness.

Elon Musk Acquires Twitter

Elon Musk buying Twitter for $44 Billion gets broken down by Newsmax national correspondent Michael Carter on ‘American Agenda,’ including information on what shareholders will receive.

Minor reductions in censorship alone would make Twitter skyrocket. And Twitter could actually become highly profitable if President Donald Trump were welcomed back into its good graces. Styxhexenhammer666 offers his expectations.

Elon Musk and Twitter have agreed to a deal and the world may never be the same.Trish Regan looks at what this means for the social media industry – outside of Twitter – as the left wing media stages a furious fit. More from Trish Regan.

A Recession Looms

From an economic disaster…to a border disaster…to an international disaster… can it get any worse? More from Trish Regan.

Russia Wants California, Alaska

Russian state-media pundits are calling for reparations from the United States, following the recent wave of economic sanctions placed on the Red State. Trish Regan reports “Putin lapdogs” are calling for the reparations to include turning over Alaska and California to Russia. Regan sorts out the absurdity.

The Political Science Of Masks

Trish Regan says mask mandates have become about one thing–politics. Sure, the left wants you to think it’s all science, but the reality is, it’s political science. She calls out the elite’s hypocrisy in this edition of “The Trish Regan Show.”

Inflation In Danger Zone

Trish Regan is sounding the alarm on our collapsing economy, which has now seen inflation soar to 7.5 percent, while the “misery¬† index” has plummeted to its worst level since the recession of 2008.

Despite¬† the poor numbers, Lyin’ Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge the danger, promising America the inflation is transitory and announcing that experts expect the levels to ease by the end of the year. Trish Regan explains further.

Hillary Vs. Donald 2.0

Don’t cringe, but guess who’s seeking the Democrat Party presidential election in 2024? None other than Hillary Rodham Clinton, which would bring us Hillary vs. Donald 2.0.

Are the Democrats gluttons for punishment? Running Hillary again in 2024 would clearly be a recipe for disaster. Nonetheless, Clinton is positioning herself as the answer to the party’s woes, while Donald Trump awaits calmly in the wings. Trish Regan breaks down the looming rematch and discusses the FBI’s puzzling assessment of the terror attack on the Texas synagogue.

Big Risk To Stay Out Of Market

Trish Regan says the biggest risk for your future in 2022, is not being invested in the stock market. She says it’s critical to realize the importance of cutting through all the noise, the hysteria and the bad information out there as we journey into the new year.

“It’s critical, especially in light of some of the mistakes our federal government is making, that you are invested and looking out for your future,” Regan says. “And if you don’t take part in the system, the system can work against you.” Here’s more advice from “The Trish Regan Show.”

Shortages Are Worsening

Now that we have morons like Joe Biden running the show in Washington D.C., we are seeing signs of a deteriorating economy. Inflation is getting worse and shortages are increasing.

Styxhexenhammer666 has been surveying truckers and others involved in the shipping industries. He says we can expect shortages to get worse at least through February, possibly much longer into the spring. The economy might never recover as long as the Democrats rule, with their regressive policies and insane regulations. So better stock up on goods to eat or raw essentials, or else face starvation and shortages.

Sebastian Gorka talks to Trish Regan about the latest unprecedented inflation numbers as a result of Biden’s disastrous economic policies. They address the question, “Can We stop Biden’s inflation?”


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