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A Coronavirus Testing Snag

After one of my son’s coworkers tested positive as the first case of community-spread Covid-19 coronavirus in Hawaii, the company had all employees come in to be tested. But it didn’t go well. More from Jake Morphonios with Blackstone Intelligence.

Meanwhile, Stefan Molyneux offers a coronavirus update, including discussion of new scientific tests with hydroxychloroquine that are beginning to suggest a possible cure. Does this mean the crisis is over? Not yet. But it does mean that the number of cases might actually begin to subside and we could be looking at more of a cleanup operation, rather than facing an insurmountable pandemic.

These college spring break morons refuse to stop partying in Miami and don’t care about Coronavirus. More from Mr. Obvious.

There is no such thing as a pain-free life, and the earlier you understand that pain is inevitable, the happier you will be. This Fireside Chat is dedicated to the silver linings found in difficult times. Is there a silver lining to coronavirus? More from Dennis Prager at PragerU.

Dr. Joe & Scientist Max rejoin Sarah Westall’s program to discuss the real solutions that exist to fully solve the coronavirus crisis without the need of vaccines and other costly pharmaceutical programs. We discuss why South Korea’s numbers are so low and why Italy’s numbers are so high. This information is the key to getting our country out of lockdown and back on track.


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