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Suicide Bombers Attack In Kabul

Suicide bombers have attacked the Kabul Airport. At least a dozen U.S. service members were killed, and nother 15 wounded in the attack, the Pentagon confirmed. The Biden administration has been evacuating Afghan refugees ahead of Americans staying in Afghanistan. Each day that passes illustrates just how callous and stupid Joe Biden actually is. More from Steve Turley.

The terrorist bombings at the Kabul Airport followed right after a secret meeting in Kabul in which the CIA talked with Taliban leaders. Immediately following, the CIA issued warnings of possible ISIS attacks. Didn’t take long at all for their warnings to be fulfilled. You have to wonder: Is the Taliban this trigger-happy, or is the CIA simply so corrupt? More from Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

Jake Morphonios discusses today’s terrorist attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan that have left at least 12 US troops dead + the effort by the Deep State to stop the withdrawal. More from Blackstone Intelligence.

Zionist Media Moguls

Billionaire media mogul Sumner Redstone is dead. Also, the collapse of the New York Daily News, formerly owned by Robert Maxwell. And let’s not forget Rupert Murdoch. More from Jake Morphonios with the Blackstone Intelligence Network.

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A Coronavirus Testing Snag

After one of my son’s coworkers tested positive as the first case of community-spread Covid-19 coronavirus in Hawaii, the company had all employees come in to be tested. But it didn’t go well. More from Jake Morphonios with Blackstone Intelligence.

Meanwhile, Stefan Molyneux offers a coronavirus update, including discussion of new scientific tests with hydroxychloroquine that are beginning to suggest a possible cure. Does this mean the crisis is over? Not yet. But it does mean that the number of cases might actually begin to subside and we could be looking at more of a cleanup operation, rather than facing an insurmountable pandemic.

These college spring break morons refuse to stop partying in Miami and don’t care about Coronavirus. More from Mr. Obvious.

There is no such thing as a pain-free life, and the earlier you understand that pain is inevitable, the happier you will be. This Fireside Chat is dedicated to the silver linings found in difficult times. Is there a silver lining to coronavirus? More from Dennis Prager at PragerU.

Dr. Joe & Scientist Max rejoin Sarah Westall’s program to discuss the real solutions that exist to fully solve the coronavirus crisis without the need of vaccines and other costly pharmaceutical programs. We discuss why South Korea’s numbers are so low and why Italy’s numbers are so high. This information is the key to getting our country out of lockdown and back on track.


Giuliani Denies Knowing Epstein

Rudy Giuliani denies knowing Jeffrey Epstein personally. Yet he has attended cocktail parties with Epstein, as EntertheStars Reloaded shows. Here, we get taken to a cocktail party attended by Epstein, his procuress Ghislaine Maxwell, Rudy Giuliani and his ex-wife Judith, and other New York mucky-mucks.

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Alexander Acosta, known as a fierce US prosecutor of human traffickers, bent the knee for Jeff Epstein and his team of attorneys – offering the child trafficker the deal of the century. Here are the sordid details of how Team Epstein recruited Acosta to the dark side. More from the Blackstone Intelligence Network.

Carrying on in the same general direction, we usually bring you news from conservative sources. But here’s an independent progressive site that is asking questions about Jeffrey Epstein and his connections to so many Liberal politicians in New Mexico, including former Gov. Bruce King, former Energy Secretary and former Gov. Bill Richardson and Jim Baca, former Commissioner of Public Lands. It’s the Convo Couch.

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He Stole My GI Joe!

Yes, true confession time! When I was six years old, Brett Kavanaugh stole my GI Joe! More from Mark Dice.

Ali Alexander, conservative political blogger, shows how Christine Blasey Ford constructed her statement against Kavanaugh.¬† The implication: She’s a phony and quite possibly a liar to boot.

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Nearly 3 decades ago, when the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Nominee Clarence Thomas was all but certain, liberal operatives launched a smear campaign against the judge – focusing on accusations of sexual harassment. In 2018, after having passed through the initial confirmation hearings, nominee Brett Kavanaugh was subjected to the same tactics. More from the Blackstone Intelligence Network.

This Doesn’t Add Up

The Truth Factory digs deeper into Syria and wonders what exactly is going on there.

The Blackstone Intelligence Network¬† adds: “This is what every person needs to know about what is really happening in Syria.”

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