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A Salvo For Civil Liberties

Liberty is declining and the COVID-19 shutdown is a perfect example. Take the Draconian measures Gov. Gavin Newsom has imposed on the residents of the Golden State–lockdowns across the board and farcical stay-at-home measures.

Valiant Riverside, Calif., Sherriff Chad Bianca, one of a handful of California authorities who will defy the orders, put it succinctly. “The metrics used for closures are unbelievably faulty and are not representative of true numbers, and are disastrous for Riverside County.” He goes on to say Newsom’s edict is a direct attack on our civil liberties and freedom, and adds, “I believe that all jobs are essential to someone.”

Dennis Prager concurs and cites a case in point from the legendary 1969 Woodstock Festival in upstate New York. The rowdy “party” drew more than 100,000 people from across the planet right in the middle of the highly contagious Hong Kong Flu pandemic. The flu, which broke out in 1968 and lasted nearly two years, killed an estimated 1-4 million people worldwide. Yet, there was no social distancing, no masks, no shutdowns, no abuse of our civil rights. Unlike in today’s pandemic climate, why didn’t people get locked down then? “Because people believed in freedom,” Prager says. “It would have been unacceptable to Americans.” Hear more of his logic on PragerU.

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