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El Chapo: Reptilian Overlord

Christian 21 returns to McAllister TV to explain how the Reptilians and their Demonic Overlords exploit portals and Greys to prey upon humans.  El Chapo is identified as one of these Demonic Overlords. We get a glimpse of how these forces have gained control of Hollywood, including stars like Sean Penn or Beyonce, or the celebrated director Stephen Spielberg. It’s said Spielberg has used actual aliens and demons in his films!

Top celebrities are often snatched vessels. But there’s a heavy price these celebrities pay for fame and wealth. They are made to prove their subservience to the Demonic Overlords through degrading acts, including sex with animals.

Here, Christian 21 explains how Child Protective Services operates to the benefit of the child traffickers. We’re going to see videos upcoming that show how the White Hats and their allies, including a positive set of Reptilians, are cleaning up the underground tunnels and lairs where the Reptilians and Greys rule. We’ll see Children and Hybrids running around like rats, or tortured in electrified cages.

We have much to learn. For instance, how Greys escort Demons through the portals. Also, how the Black Sun converts positive energy into negative energy. Christian 21 and McAllister TV host Linda Paris begin to broach these topics here, while also touching upon Super Soldiers, Dulce and Phil Schneider. Buckle up!


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5 thoughts on “El Chapo: Reptilian Overlord

  1. Fascinating video. Beyonce is definitely demon possessed. Some people don’t believe what Phil Schneider said was true, but there were at least 11 attempts on his life and then they killed him on the 12th attempt. He was absolutely telling the truth.

    I read someplace that before you work in Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), that you have to sign a contract where it states that you CANNOT use the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is torture to the alien Greys. Demons hate the name of Jesus and they especially hate the Blood of Jesus.

    I believe that people like Phil Schneider and Isaac Kappy are some of the greatest heroes of mankind in the past 40 years. Phil Schneider exposed what was going on in the DUMBs and underground cities; Isaac Kappy exposed Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks as pedophiles.

    Phil Schneider’s Life and Death

    Isaac Kappy Names Hollywood Pedophiles

    • We’re on the same page. Everyone should heed what Issac Kappy and Phil Schneider told us, and begin the process of restoring a nation based on freedom and faith, as opposed to allegiance to sinister alien creatures. Stormy

  2. Can’t understand a word that Christian 21 says.

    • Christian 21 is difficult to understand, owing to his heavy accent. That’s why Linda Paris uses subtitles so we can understand what he’s saying. What he says is quite stunning and, if true, shocking. Time will tell us more about how much of this is actually fact, how much has been imagined or embellished.

  3. Hi Linda, thank you for everything you do. We appreciate you making us laugh too in this difficult time 😁😍🥰. Can you ask Christian to talk more about the event? Supposedly happening very soon….
    Thanks 😇

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