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Just Another Coincidence

Remember when Bill Gates released a video with all of his friends ragging on him — Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Jay Z, Al Gore and Bono?

Jamie Dlux returns to that video and recalls one of the other Bill Gates friends who turned up. No, it wasn’t Jeffrey Epstein, but Matthew McConaughey. Here’s Jamie, making it all make sense!

Kappy Did Not Kill Himself

Whistleblower Isaac Kappy, who raised pedophilia charges against a slew of Hollywood bigwigs, apparently did not commit suicide in 2019. Instead, newly released photos suggest Kappy was shot and killed, before being dumped from a bridge over I-40.

A Bitchute account called THe THeorizing THeorist ran the photos, obtained from two unnamed sources. If they are legitimate — and they appear to be — the images suggest Kappy, 42, was murdered on May 13, 2019. That’s the day he was found sprawled across the highway beneath a bridge in Bellemont, Ariz.  At the time, he was traveling from Los Angeles to his hometown of Albuquerque, N.M. The Arizona Department of Public Safety called the death a suicide.

But these images — assuming they are legitimate and not doctored — lead one to entertain the option of homicide. Besides showing an apparent gunshot wound to the right eye, the photos also indicate further foul play beneath the bridge. Kappy’s corpse looks to have been struck by a vehicle on the highway, leaving a tire mark on his midriff and a pool of blood alongside the body.

Kappy’s allegations, no doubt, rankled many in Hollywood, as he identified scores of alleged pedophiles, including actors Tom Hanks and Seth Green, directors James Gunn and Steven Spielberg, and the novelist Stephen King.

Kappy was an actor, seen in the films Thor and Terminator Salvation. He also was a songwriter and singer, here performing a tune called “The Present,” Great Awakening Edition.



The Matrix Scam Unravels

Thomas Althouse rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the latest in the Matrix Corruption Scandal. For those of you who do not know the background, Thomas Althouse is the real creator and writer of the Matrix Trilogy. It was originally called The Immortals and he has all the proof.

This is a story of one of the largest film franchises is US history and how it was stolen; it’s a fraud. Truth is often stranger than fiction but we all know that by now. This story has intrigue and corruption at the highest levels of Hollywood including companies such as Warner Brothers and Disney and big names such as Michael Eisner, Steven Spielberg, the Wachowskis, Joel Silver and Keanu Reeves. They are all involved in this scam.

This is a two-part program. We present both videos here.

“New” Blind Items Revisited #2

As some of you know, YouTube has removed the work of Jamie Dlux, work that exposes many of pedophile underpinnings in Hollywood. Now, he’s been reviving and revisiting these lost videos by reworking the material and creating new videos placed on Bitchute and other freer, alternate locations to YouTube.

Here’s one of these new tapes, focusing on the tragic story of Heather O’Rourke, a young actress who died at the age of 12 from injuries she sustained after being molested by a bunch of Hollywood pedophiles. O’Rourke had starred in Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist as well as the TV show Happy Days. Were Spielberg and The Fonz pervs, or just their associates? Watch and learn.



Focus On The Future

We trip down memory lane to 2008 to revisit Bill Gates’ retirement from the computing giant Microsoft. He’s trying to get into the swing of retirement so he consults with a few of his buddies — Jay Z, Bono, Steven Spielberg, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, George Clooney, Barack Obama. Does he know anybody who isn’t a Leftist creep? More from Jamie Dlux.

7: Death Of Judith Barsi

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Call Me Stormy has been in existence nine years now, and we have made 15,000 posts. To celebrate these milestones, today we re-publish our top 10 posts as measured by their popularity with our readers. We begin with No. 10 and will work our way up to No. 1. All of these posts have more than 900 views each, the best nearly 50,000. Here’s No. 7, originally published Feb. 20,  2019.)

Just like Heather O’Rourke, Judith Barsi died at a very young age after appearing in movies directed by or produced by Steven Spielberg. O’Rourke died in 1988, at the age of 12, after starring in the three first Poltergeist movies. Barsi also died in 1988, at the age of 10, after providing vocals for the animated feature The Land Before Time, executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

Here, McAllisterTV examines the death of Barsi. Newspaper accounts of the time cited police sources who called the death a murder-suicide, involving Barsi’s Hungarian father Jozsef Barsi. He supposedly shot himself after murdering the little girl and her mother, Maria. The mother had allegedly told neighbors and law enforcement authorities earlier about threats made by the father. But did he really kill all three family members? Or could there have been dirty-doings involving Spielberg, his co-producers, film personnel or even stars?

The focus here is on Michael Caine, who co-starred with Barsi in the 1987 sequel Jaws: The Revenge.  Was Barsi actually murdered by her father, or did she face murder perpetrated by Hollywood personalities involved in pedophilia? There have long been stories suggesting O’Rourke died just such a heinous death after being anally raped viciously and repeatedly, causing intestinal stenosis.

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Do You See A Pattern?

Let’s look at the allegations of Isaac Kappy, who said such Hollywood bigwigs as om Hanks and Steven Spielberg are pedophiles. Is Kappy really dead or has he been moved into the witness protection program? If so, who else might he implicate as pedophiles? What kinds of secrets might he reveal? Similarly, has Jeffrey Epstein already given testimony? How about Harvey Weinstein? More from Alice Down The Rabbit Hole.

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The Old Bait And Switch

So you want to make a charitable contribution to Black Lives Matter? Go to their website and try to donate. What you will get is the old bait and switch. Instead of your contribution being targeted for Black Lives Matter, it will go to ActBlue Charities, which says its aim is to enable “Democrats, progressive groups, and nonprofits to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. Its stated mission is to empower small-dollar donors. Good scam, huh? More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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“Democrats and Activists call to Defund Police Departments. They have gone so far left that they eat their young.” So says President Donald J. Trump in a Tweet earlier this week. McAllister TV says the Tweet signifies: Trump is ready to bring down charges against those who frequented Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. You see, the Hollywood Leftists, fashion designers, athletes, industrialists who frequented Epstein’s pad made the journey to engage in cannibalism.

Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates: Every damn one of them was guilty. At Epstein’s island, kids were held captive in cages and dismembered and eaten by these rich and famous people. They envisioned they could gain a youthful appearance, tighter skin, more agility, by preying upon human flesh and, particularly, flesh of the young.

Here, McAllister TV describes some of the trappings of this Death Club. Like her, we will continue to identify those trappings as well as the suspect individuals until they are apprehended, jailed, punished and, in glaring cases, executed. We do not care how rich or famous they are. Justice awaits them.

Will they cheat to win by any means necessary? We’ve seen how far the Democrats will go to win. They unleashed a frigging virus that kept many of us locked away in our homes for a couple of months. Now, their operatives have begun burning down our cities and threatening to even overtake the White House. So, it’s not hard to imagine them pulling out every last stop to cheat. At least, President Donald Trump says we’re not closing down again. So no, the Democrats are not going to be allowed to vote by mail. More from Just Informed Talk.

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Isaac Kappy Redux

It’s been almost a year since Albuquerque native Issac Kappy was reported dead from an apparent suicide while driving home from Hollywood. Kappy, who appeared in such films as Thor and Terminator Salvation, had accused several major Hollywood figures of involvement in pedophile rings, including director Steven Spielberg and actors Tom Hanks and Seth Green. Kappy reportedly committed suicide on May 14, 2019, by jumping from a bridge onto I40 in Bellemont, Ariz.

Here’s a video that explores the charges that Kappy presented as well as draws attention to the circumstances surrounding his death. There’s a hint dropped that Kappy might not have died at all, but simply gone into witness protection. If that’s the case, look for him to resurface sometime in the future once indictments are brought against the many Hollywood figures he implicated.

Much of this video consists of a TRUreporting broadcast done on May 15, 2019, that recounts the pedophile stories and allegations Kappy had revealed. Also there are tantalizing disclosures: For instance, we did not know that an underground DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) formerly existed beneath Bellemont, Ariz. Could that have been a location where he might have gone to chill and hide out for a spell? More from Alice Down The Rabbit Hole.

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Hanx: Dead Or Alive?!?

Based upon the viral Twitter thread written by Tommy G. If you enjoy, please check out more by visiting Tommy G’s podcast, No Mercy with Tommy G. More from Nick Alvear.

Is Tom Hanks a shadow-obsessed psychopath? What was with his taunting Instagram aimed at the late Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy, who accused both Hanks and Hollywood director Steven Spielberg of being hardcore pedophiles? More from Owen Benjamin.

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He said he shaved his head for a movie. What’s really going on? More from Alice Down The Rabbit Hole.

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