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The Crime Of The Century

Here’s a wild and woolly video from Brendan Lee O’Connell, a so-called “conservative-leaning” Australian podcaster, drawing from a whistleblower named Mike Gill. It’s Gill’s contention that former President Donald Trump didn’t try to drain the swamp, but rather to take it over. We’ve all heard the stories about Bill and Hillary Clinton running drug smuggling through Arkansas.

Gill and O’Connell contend that what worked for the Democrats is now working for the Republicans. The video charges that much of the illegal fentanyl trade — said to involve hundreds of billions of dollars annually — is run through a drug smuggling ring based in New Hampshire, under the control of its governor Chris Sununu. Instead of cleaning up the racket, they contend, Trump took it over, replacing the old Swamp creatures with his own cadre of drug dealers and money launderers.

It’s said the spoils from the racket are laundered through the Ukraine, the same nation where the covid-19, biochemical weapons and pedophile-child trafficking rings are all based as well. Not only are U.S. politicians involved, but also their families, retired military officers, even Illuminati scum like Henry Kissinger and assorted alt-right media types, including the InfoWars crew and even James O’Keefe.

This video dishes a lot of dirt, mostly aimed at Republicans and conservatives. It’s claimed that Mike Gill was offered $50 million dollars to shut up and walk away, signing releases for banks, former heads of the IRS, lawyers and judges. Says O’Connell, “He never took the deal. THAT is a true hero. This is going all the way. All the way. Front page New York Times.”

(Our opinion: We smell a rat — or two! Lots of dirt is being tossed at Trump, so this could be the handiwork of the Democrats, seeing at how they soon might be facing tough corruption charges themselves. There’s also the chance that Ron DeSantis is involved, as he stands to gain immensely if Trump is thrown under the bus as a Presidential hopeful for 2024.  Why do we bring you the video? So you can begin to understand the infighting and the varied charges you’re likely to hear over the weeks ahead. Things are going to get rough and wild. Hang on to your hats, and also keep calm and collected. You’ll need a clear mind to sift through all the false flags, propaganda and lies, and begin to grasp the actual truth.)

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