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Their Evil Plans Begin To Unfold

Expect a flood of new information from John Durham as the Sussmann trial begins, information that will connect and lead to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Also unfolding, the raft of Ukraine connections and how the political elite have used the war-torn nation as a staging point for money laundering. Who controlled and ran Ukraine’s biolabs? Otherwise, watch for more on the fake news and jabs. Pray! More from And We Know.

Sheikh Khalifa Death Predictable

Was the sudden death of UAE’s Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed predictable? Riss Flex reports that Sheikh Khalifa’s passing, coupled with several timely moves by the Biden Administration, appear more than suspicious.

Flex says the U.S. government administers a lot of what goes on overseas, because this is an ideal way for military contractors to cash in. “They don’t want you to know the truth,” she says. She adds there is a lot of money we launder to foreign countries as “aid” that conveniently ends up in the UAE. And guess who was the keeper of our foreign aid money and oil? Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

Meanwhile, back in the States, the Biden Administration has sent $3.8 billion in aid to Ukraine, with another $40 billion on its way soon. And, lo and behold, they increased our demand for foreign oil after Biden shut down production in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico. So, was the sudden death of Sheikh Khalifa just a quick way to cut out the middleman? Flex brings us more details.

He Learned From Watching You

Corruption…It runs in the family. More from The United Spot.

Bypassing The [Deep State]

The [Deep State] is now panicking. The [False Flag] in NYC failed. Elon Musk has now made an offer to buy Twitter. Trump and the patriots are now prepared to take the bull horn away from the [Deep State] players. Either Twitter accepts or crashes. Tick tock. The ability to spread information across the digital battlefield and bypass their control is what the [Deep State] fears. Buckle up. It has begun. Timing is everything. More from the X22 Report.

Fed agents on January 6, DOJ spying on journalists, good shooting officer and Trans prison babies says it all for 2022. More from RedPill78.

Glaring Example Of Media Bias

Eric Bolling tears into the mainstream media for covering up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal during the 2020 Election cycle. He calls it “the most glaring example of media bias in my lifetime.” Here, Boolling appears on Newsmax’s program Eric Bolling The Balance.

Mel joins The Fly Over Conservatives family for a deep dive into what we can discern about the information that can be found on Hunter Biden and the morass of evils and deals that should concern every American. Warning some material may be upsetting. We must uncover the truth to bring darkness to light. God Wins! There are two videos and we present both of those below.

How Corrupt Press Hid Laptop

We all know the corrupt, fake news lies — they lie like pigs, wallowing in slop. But even being as vile and corrupt as they are, how could these sleazeballs manage to hide Hunter Biden’s laptop for so long?

Here’s a look at some of the tricks they used. Best to learn these tricks so the next time the fake news strikes and hides another scandal, you can call them out on the carpet. More from Steve Turley.

Criminal Syndicate Exposed

The [Deep State] is being exposed. The Hunter Biden laptop will not go away and it is now implicating the Biden family in criminal activity with foreign nations. Trump has not trapped the [Deep State] players. They are trying to fight back by going after Trump and others via the J6 fake investigation. This will not end well for them. The patriots are now in the process of removing all assets, leaving the [Deep State] defenseless. The traitors will be brought to justice. More from the X22 Report.

House Cleaning In Progress

The world is now going through a major house cleaning. The Nazis, biolabs, money laundering and [Deep State] players are being removed, the [Deep State] is being exposed right in front of the entire world. The world is watching the destruction of the old guard.

The evidence is being brought out into the open. It will start tying all of these players together and it will show just how evil they truly are. We are now in the final stage. More from the X22 Report.

Remember: Watch The Water

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are unable to stop the white hats from destroying their money laundering operation in Ukraine. They are becoming desperate. War is real. The information regarding the war is fake. We are witnessing the dismantling of the new world order.

The US will no longer be the policeman of the world. Countries will now take care of their own battles. Look at the Middle East, Afghanistan etc. The pandemic disappeared. The truth about it is coming out. The numbers were rigged. Dan Scavino sends a message. More from the X22 Report.


J.O. Savin: Madness On Steroids

Juan O. Savin says that on every front possible, we’re talking about the storm–a tsunami of events that will tie up the whole world.¬†Appearing with Tom Sidney Bushell, aka Numbers, and WriteSide Blonde, Savin says the Ukrainian crisis is just the first avenue of the storm, which will then gravitate into the geological, political and financial realms, and on and on.

“With all the insane comments (in State of the Union), March Madness is off to a strong start,” Savin says. “With some of the things that are about to happen, by the time you get to the end of March, I think everybody is going to be in agreement: March Madness on steroids.” Here’s their report.

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