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The Crimes Of Wall Street

Attorney Wes Christian, who represents more than 300 plaintiff groups, outlines the nature and extent of Wall Street’s crimes against widows and orphans, pension funds and Main Street. Christian alleges that Wall Street and its co-conspirators have stolen more than $100 trillion in the last 10-20 years through a method called naked short-selling, whereby they basically sell financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, electronically but deliver nothing.

Naked short-selling is used to manipulate our markets, letting Wall Street sell stock that doesn’t exist to rig the system. Instead of putting in the hard work and providing companies the equity to grow, Wall Street has opted for the easier route of killing these organizations outright, destroying jobs and innovations. Says Christian, “The truth is, naked short-selling at this systemic level, threatens the very integrity and stability of our stock markets. This is the largest commercial crime in the history of our country.”

Christian joins blogger Robert David Steele for more discussion on Wall Street’s treason and its complicity with foreign powers, including the UK and Israel, to undermine the U.S. economy, government, national security and society, and on money laundering from trade in women and children, drugs, and other contraband.

Taking Down The Deep State

The NSA has tracked all the illicit wealth in the world for the past 15 years and the trail circles back to Wall Street. There’s evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt that the shysters on Wall Street have stolen more than $100 trillion from Main Street with naked short-selling and have laundered another $100 trillion in dirty money from trafficking in children and women, and drugs, guns and gold.

That’s the message from Robert David Steele in a brief and impassioned speech about the nefarious state of affairs surrounding the Deep State. He adds that 90 percent of the people in government, the military and the intelligence community are good people trapped in a bad system. But sadly, the secret intelligence community serves the Deep State and not the American people. And the CIA, in particular, is out of control.

Steele’s message is clear and terse: We have it all. Once the President (Trump) gets Binney (William, former intelligence official) into NSA and processes it all, we have every single one of you by the balls. You cannot survive this. You have one out–make the deal motherfucker or you are are going to die.” Here’s more with Steele.

Will CIA Protect Maxwell?

The Ghislaine Maxwell case is much bigger than just sexual abuse and child trafficking. It’s about espionage, money laundering and ties with world leaders, drug cartel bosses and intelligence agencies worldwide, especially through connections with her late father, Robert Maxwell, a suspected spy and fraudster.

Speaking to Shaun Attwood, French investigative blogger Fred Ponton says Ghislaine Maxwell is definitely one of the “big fish” authorities were seeking in the massive Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking scandal. He says she’s at a crossroads, as far as her connections with the intelligence community at large. “We’ve seen it on many occasions with such a high-valued target, who possesses a lot of information,” Ponton says. “It’s easy to believe that she’s recorded a lot of the conversations of what was going on in the islands (Little St. James) because she spent so much time with Jeffrey Espstein.”

Because intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, allegedly also have all the info on the case, it boils down to a political decision, says Ponton. Maxwell basically is facing two choices: If she talks, she needs to be protected. If she doesn’t talk, she’s going to do some hard time. Here’s more with Attwood and Ponton.

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Fall Of The Cabal: Part 7

While researching the United Nations, we stumbled across the transfer of millions (even billions) of dollars between NGOs. Using the magic words sustainability, non-profit and philanthropy, they hide money laundering, fraud and corruption. All told, the Cabal employs about 5,500 NGOs, most of them connected to the United Nations. The money laundering allows them to avoid paying taxes, and to invest in the Cabal’s main projects: Depopulation and world dominance. Let’s see how all of this works in practice, shall we? More from Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter.


Greene Wants Biden Impeached

After President Biden’s completed his first day in office, that was more than enough for Georgia¬† Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The newly elected House member tells Dinesh D’Souza she has filed Articles of Impeachment against Biden.

Although she’s admittedly disgusted with Biden’s Inaugural Day executive orders, which overturned many of President Trump’s accomplishments, Taylor Greene is more concerned with Biden’s corrupt and criminal behavior while he served as Vice-President under Barack Obama. “He perfectly demonstrated that he was willing to abuse the power of the Vice-Presidency and he did so on camera, on tape, admitting it himself when he said he would withhold a billion dollars (in aid to Ukraine) just to make sure a prosecutor got fired from his job, all because it was affecting his son, Hunter Biden,” she says. Taylor Green was referring to Hunter Biden’s business interests in Ukraine while on the board of Burisma Holdings Limited, an energy company. At the time of the Vice-President’s demand, Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky was under investigation by Ukrainian authorities for tax violations, money laundering and obtaining improper licensing.

Taylor Greene added that this is a clear abuse of power and warrants a clear investigation. Here’s more on this bombshell development with Taylor Greene and D’Souza.

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Bidens Will Be Arrested

Fake President-elect Joe Biden will not be inaugurated on Jan. 20, but instead be arrested for his money-laundering and wire fraud crimes with China. This from TruNews founder Rick Wiles, who broke the news to the Camelot Daily channel.

Wiles, a conservative commentator, radio host and political pundit, says a source from a national security government agency told his friend that the Department of Justice has obtained all bank wires from China to Hunter Biden and from Hunter to Joe Biden. These are the same money transfers confirmed by whistleblower and Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski in an interview with Fox News. Says Wiles, “This gentleman told my friend last night that Biden will not be sworn in as President, he will be arrested.” Wiles added that Biden will not concede, but is preparing to capitulate, or surrender to authorities. He said Hunter Biden will also be arrested. Here’s more on this explosive story from Camelot Daily.

Who Is The Cabal?

In this 17 part series, the Cabal will be fully exposed. As time is running out, we will upload one part every week. Research and script are done… for all 17 parts. Only the editing is left. Therefore, one part per week. This Sequel is not about Q, nor Trump. It is about the Cabal. It will give you info that will blow you off your socks. Crime, murder, money laundering, cartels, high treason, all of which under your noise… Meet the Cabal. Next week: part 2. More from FallCabal.


Bombshell Epstein Revelations

Bombshell revelations are starting to emerge, painting an ugly portrait of Jeffrey Epstein and his international sex ring.  Many of his rich and famous clients participated, apparently sharing his tastes for young children.

Here, Steve Turley focuses on Epstein’s relationship with Leon Black, co-founder of the Apollo Global Management firm and the current chairman of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Black paid the pedophile some $75 million, reportedly for financial and auditing advice and assistance, from 2012 through 2017. The attorney general in the US Virgin Islands is trying to determine if money laundering was occurring.

Did Black or others join Epstein in his sexcapades? Black claims he was completely unaware of Epstein’s sexual habits and did not participate, although Black admits he took his family to Epstein’s island for what he calls a picnic lunch.

Also, here, new updates on Ghislaine Maxwell.




Wet Works And Pedo Networks

Researcher Mark Anthony Taylor returns to SGT Report to expose the shadowy organization which likely plays a direct role in wet works of Banksters – with ties to money laundering and pedo networks, these are some of the people you should be hearing about on the nightly news, but never ever do.

This is a two-part series. We present both videos below.


In Pursuit of Truth explores the realm of politics through music, focusing on the Chinese folk song Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) and Turandot, the Puccini opera that gave us the famous aria Nessun Dorma, performed at the Republican National Convention. This is a fascinating analysis that also veers into film, touching upon works ranging from The Godfather III to the Tom Clancy thriller The Sum Of All Fears. The piece flows, like the heavily dammed rivers in China that could be bombed to produce massive flooding should China ever become involved in a war. Also, what’s with all the National Suicide Prevention warnings from Democratic operatives, and the recent suicide of a veteran CIA agent?

POTUS makes the landmark decision to defund four Democrat-run cities — New York City, N.Y., Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Washington, DC — that are not keeping their citizens safe. New York’s Gov. Cuomo threatens his safety should he visit New York! Pelosi makes a segment about the no mask – salon situation and DEMANDS an apology from the salon owner! Patton Oswalt goes on an epic Trump Derangement Syndrome rant and the debate moderators all hate Trump. More from RedPill78.

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The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is doing exactly what Trump wants. He is using military strategy to direct these people to where he wants them to be when he strikes. The population is waking up. They are now seeing and understanding what is really going on. This about striking at the very heart of the problem and it’s about to happen.¬† More from the X22 Report.

The fun never ends for these deceivers and seducers… but their smoke and mirrors cannot hide the truth–from Nancy’s “Hairgate,” to POTUS’s new anarchist jurisdictions, to William Barr on FIRE exposing voter fraud! More from Lori Colley.

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Exposing the blackmail of the Chinese Communist Party. Here’s a rundown of the kick-backs and bribes, not only money laundering to the dirty Democrats but also pedophile entanglements. More from JustInformed Talk.

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