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Galaxy’s 1st Looking Glass War

Christian 21! Negatives and positives using Looking Glass! We’re seeing a Looking Glass War! The Trump Family (including, Tesla and Assange) are known as “the Time Travel Family.” We will become closer to Trump and Family in 5D! First time this has been done in our galaxy!

People on house arrests…The most “public” people…they will be the ones to be publicly disgraced through live trials and executions! New vessels are waiting for people who die from the vax! The kindness of 5D will blow your mind! More from McAllister TV.

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2 thoughts on “Galaxy’s 1st Looking Glass War

  1. Valerie Brooks on said:

    Solar flash to happen rollout was out in the public in 2013 right after 12/21/2012 at 11:11 AM manifested nothing. That numbers thing was some kinda rollout since 2000 when every last blackberry cell phone had 11:11 on all their cell phone adverts, worldwide and people were seeing this number and new agers began bragging they were special for seeing numbers. Even pagers in the 90’s had numbers in the times. People were led to numbers a lot more starting in 2000. 11:11 has a lot to do with pyramid math. I thought nothing to trust. To me it was just proof some unseen being could force us to look at numbers.

    I don’t know why nobody can focus on demons. Jesus was the last big example where they could be caste out. They seem to be working with curses onto others. Even ordered in. The person has to be condemned or cursed or hated by someone for the demons to get in. It happens to all free lovers and addicts. Drug and sex people. Marriage cheaters and free lovers seem like they get the worst of demons that never leave. Try before you buy is illegal. There’s know before you go. It takes contracts, agreements. to make things strong enough to happen. Demons weaken people so it’s felt as negative but it’s not seen, and mostly seems wrong thoughts allow demons in to hang in there as long as there’s no change in thoughts.

    • Yes, we are seeing a focus on numbers and numerology. Sometimes it has been repetitive. It happens so often it’s difficult to sort out what’s new and what we have seen before. Thanks for your observations.

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