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Michael Jackson, Where You Be?

Queen marker getting ready to drop? Meghan Markle’s transhuman, clone-thing malfunctions and has a slow-mo moment! Common Core commie pedo-loving demtard teachers trying to teach sex to your kids…Why? Michael Jackson’s clones! Witness protection! Soul-sucking! More from McAllister TV.

Prepare For Global Emergency

Mass arrests are under way, involving not only politicians but also Deep State bureaucrats who have been trying to destroy individual nations and, instead, enact a global government.

McAllister TV says to prepare for disruption and be sure to have some cash on hand, as well as a full tank of gasoline and enough food to last at least 10 days, should grocery stores and other retail outlets close. In all likelihood, there could be communication blackouts, and possibly use of the Emergency Broadcasting System or EBS during this period.

Some of those leaders we have trusted will be proven enemies and arrested, McAllister TV host Linda Paris claims. She says Patrick Byrne is among them, and that he is already seeking a plea agreement and wearing an ankle bracelet. She also identifies former General Michael Flynn as someone who could be taken into custody.

On the flip side, she said, there are a raft of individuals who have gone under protective custody and could be coming back out of hiding soon. Among those she discusses: the pop stars Prince and Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy Jr. Will JFK Jr. become our last president, serving after Donald Trump? That’s among the possibilities she weighs.


Spotify Bans These 11 Songs

Hot on the heels of their suppression of several episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience, Spotify has banned these 11 songs for containing harmful misinformation. Not good! More from The Babylon Bee.



That Is Not Nancy Pelosi!

What the hell’s going on in the sky and who the hell is that pretending to be Nancy Pelosi? And how did she get her hands on Michael Jackson’s nose and his eyes? Anyone remember Drew Barrymore’s adreno-freakout? You are watching a show! More from McAllister TV.


How Is This Legal?

Goodnight, peasants! More from The United Spot.

Queen Bee Movie Decode

Is Michael Jackson alive! Is Nancy Pelosi dead! Who’s behind the mask? Also in this video: An Illuminati movie decode of Queen Bee, a 1955 melodrama starring Joan Crawford. Also: Hive mind pyramids! Hollywood wizards and warlocks! It’s not entertainment, it’s mind control and modeling!

Is She Really Michael Jackson?

Has Michael Jackson returned as the discombobulated Nancy Pelosi? In other words, is the House Drinker the King of Pop? Chris Wallace ponders the possibilities. More from The United Spot.

Triggered By Childhood Trauma

Were Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell unwittingly drawn to each other through traumatic abuse during their childhoods? Appearing on the Shaun Attwood podcast, Richard Brannon, a life coach and psychologist based in the United Kingdom, believes it’s almost certainly a possibility.

Attwood says that in an earlier interview with British investigative journalist John Sweeney, he learned that Maxwell grew up in fear of her dominant father, Robert Maxwell, a giant in British media and a suspected spy, who dealt out corporal punishment for her misdeeds. Sweeney says that when Father Maxwell was disciplining her, she had a choice of belts with which she was going to get whipped. Books were found by authorities on the Maxwell property, such as Story Of O, an erotic French novel, and a BDSM-type manual (a variety of erotic practices involving bondage, submission and sadomasochism). Sweeney’s thoughts were this BDSM streak was laid down as part of the corporal punishment.

As for Epstein, the details of his childhood are foggy. Brannon says, “Things will have happened to him in his childhood, I’m sure, that would have activated parts of him that would have otherwise lain dormant and turned him into the monster that he became.” He added that these stories reminded him of similar abuse Michael Jackson suffered at the hands of his father.

Here more’s with Attwood and Brannon, who also deepen their analysis, discussing whether two people with the same psychopathic and narcissistic traits actually united their energies to create such evil.


Look For Mass Arrests Soon

Liz Crokin says to expect mass arrests soon.  She says she cannot get any confirmation, yeah or nay, of whether the arrests will involve human trafficking and the abuse of children. But she does believe mass arrests will be seen. Here, she discusses more specifics.

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Relentless Pursuit, a new biographical work on Jeffrey Epstein, has been published. Here we get details on Epstein’s relations with celebrities including Michael Jackson and David Copperfield. There is a look at Epstein associate Alan Dershowitz as well as Murray Gell-Mann, the founder of the Santa Fe Institute and winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize for his research on elementary particles. While the federal government knew that Epstein had allegedly violated some 34 confirmed minors, the charges against him avoided mentioning these crimes. It’s hinted that this was an outgrowth of his relationship with the CIA. The book is by Bradley J. Edwards, a civil trial lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who represented some of Epstein’s victims. More from Jamie Dlux.

Satanism is rife within Hollywood, and it is hidden in plain sight in movies and TV shows, mocking the audience. Want examples? Here are some from the movies Home Alone, Dragnet and Bruce Almighty. More from Follow the White Rabbit.

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Is Disney really just Pedophile Inc.? Dustin Nemos offers yet another example of in-your-face pedophilia hidden in a Disney film. This is becoming so commonplace now, you have to wonder: Who was minding the store at Disney? Why did they have so many creeps working under their banner?

Was Meghan’s Dad A Spy?

Thomas Wayne Markle, the father of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, is usually identified as a lighting director, whose credits include General Hospital and Married…With Children. But could he have also been a spy?

That’s among the questions raised in this video of the DanjaZone, discussing how Thomas Markle also had been a Seabee welder and had a security clearance. He was known to have been taking photographs, using drones, in Russia as well as Turkey. DanjaZone gets into this material at the 8:12 mark.

Otherwise, this video discusses how Meghan has drawn Prince Harry away from his family and how Camila, the Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales, is crying out for help with the wandering Prince Harry.

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Meanwhile, Prince Andrew might want to downplay his connection with Jeffrey Epstein, but even as early as 1984, Johnny Carson was making jokes about Andrew’s pedophile tastes. The upshot: The mass media has known about these pedophiles for decades, but chose not to overturn the apple cart by informing us about these fiends.

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Oprah Winfrey visits the Bahamas resort home of Peter Nygard, fashion mogul who now stands accused of raping or molesting 10 women, many of them 15 years of age or younger. Note the roster of guests who liked to party with Nygard: Sean Connery, Michael Jackson and George H.W. Bush.

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