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President Tax and Spend

Jodi Miller is reports, “President Obama unveiled his $4.4 trillion budget. Once again, Obama’s budget is less about hope and change and more about tax and spend.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features Justice Antonin Scalia, Donald Trump, Valentine’s Day, Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders, California illegal immigrant licenses and Delta Airlines.

How ISIS Gets Its Money

The ISIS coffers are overflowing in riches, raking in up to $2 million a day. But how on earth did they become so well-funded? Buck Sexton of The Blaze Network takes a close look at three areas where these Islamic terrorists line their pocketbooks. Find out where in this presentation of the Buck Sexton Show.

Military Gets Raw Deal Again

The recently proposed military cuts by the Obama Administration has Wild Bill riled up. “Did it not occur to them that we should probably slash the $6 billion to Pakistan first. No. How about aid to Mexico or any of the other nations that undermine U.S. sovereignty on a daily basis.” Check out this edition of Wild Bill for America for the rest of Wild Bill’s rant.

Americans Favor Spending Cuts

Fifty-four percent of Americans say Congress should cut spending from current levels and 62 percent say Congress should forget about gun control and move on to other issues.

Social Security is widely popular, with 65 percent having a favorable view of the retirement portions of the program. But it’s also widely misunderstood as an individual retirement account rather than a transfer payment financed by current tax dollars.

A plurality – 45 percent of respondents – still dislike Obamacare and one in five Americans qualifies as libertarian based on responses to questions about the role of the government in social and economic affairs. The results come from the latest The Reason-Rupe Poll, a quarterly, national survey of 1,003 people via cell phones and landlines. More from Reason.TV.

The Sequester Shocker

Remember only a month back when federal officials issued dire warnings of drastic cutbacks should the sequester budget stand? President Barack Obama predicted that belt tightening of up to $85 billion in 2013 would force brutal and devastating shutdowns of programs related to everything from vaccination to school lunches. The director of the National Zoo even told the Washington Post he feared he might have to shut down popular exhibits featuring lions and tigers.

Reporting from the suddenly mean streets of Washington, D.C., Reason TV’s Kennedy finds few members of the public impacted in the slightest by the sequester, and most of them agreeing that the federal budget needed a 2 percent trim.

Obama the Budget Cutter

Is President Obama trimming the budget and actively seeking to corral runaway federal spending? That interpretation holds true only if you use carnival funhouse mirrors to reflect the current realities in Washington.

How Tulsa Squared Its Budget

When Mayor Dewey Bartlett took office on December 7, 2009, Tulsa, Oklahoma was in its worst budget crisis since the Great Depression.

“We would have probably had to file for bankruptcy,” Bartlett tells Reason TV. “It certainly got us focused on how to run a government better.”

With a $10 million budget shortfall and employee compensation spiraling out of control, thinkng about layoffs was just the beginning. Bartlett schooled himself about the budget and decided to focus “on things a government really should do and also make a decision on what a government really doesn’t need to do.” He reformed pay for police and firemen, sold unused vehicles and property, and privatized some city services, including the city’s zoo.

Reason TV talked with Bartlett in his office to talk about how to balance a city’s budget without raising taxes.

Unserious People

Bill Whittle worries that President Obama and Senate Democrats like Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) are simply not serious about remedying the national balance sheet. Even worse, academics and the liberal news media are providing cover for their malfeasance. Is the nation destined to head into a monumental economic collapse that will imperil basic government services? Find out on this Afterburner. H/T PJTV

Apocalypse 2013

Reason Magazine Editor Matt Welch previews the current issue, focusing on the Fiscal Cliff coming in January. Welch projects higher taxes, but no discernible effort to reign in spending, as legislators just keep shirking their responsibilities and kicking the can down the road.

The Blamer in Chief

In his latest installment of Zonation, Alfonzo Rachel examines the distortions used by President Obama to shift and deflect blame for the economic consequences of his own policies, including the bailouts, green energy initiatives and mounting deficits. H/T Nice Deb

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