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One Hamburger A Month?

While the Biden Administration employs interference, intimidation, invasions, and interventions—and insanity—patriots must stay strong. Let’s see if the full audit in Maricopa County will become the first domino in restoring the results of Decision Day 2020.

Also, what’s with the Biden administration pushing a climate control plan that would force Americans to eat one hamburger a month? Who elected this friggin’ bozo? More from Lori Colley.

Joe Biden CRASHES the stock market and CRYPTO after proposing a new capital gains tax hike. Biden also proposed a new Climate Change plan that would ban 90% of meat, limiting you to one burger a month. How Joe Biden killed the economy and Bitcoin. More from Mr. Obvious.

Again, we ask the relevant question: Who actually voted for this retard? We want a show of hands because we believe he is an illegitimate president, not elected by the people but appointed through fraud and crookery.

Democrats’ Disastrous Tax Plan

Never mind that Joe Biden’s health has dominated the headlines recently. If he were to somehow win the White House in November, his invasive tax plan would be enough to blow your wits.

Unveiling what appears to be the most progressive economic proposal in the history of presidential politics, Biden’s plan would cost Americans about $3.35 trillion over the next decade. Says Valuetainment host Patrick Bet-David, “That means $3.35 million of American peoples’ money is going to the government over a decade. That’s a lot of money.”

In line with the Democrat Party’s longstanding history of taxing the electorate into the ground, Biden’s proposal is targeting the likely suspects–corporations, capital gains and personal income. The most egregious tax increase will fall on long-term capital gains, taking the number from the current 20 percent to 39.6 percent, highest ever.

Bet-David is joined by financial entrepreneurs, Tom Zenner and Adam Sosnick to break down the Biden tax plan and its potential for disaster.

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