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One Hamburger A Month?

While the Biden Administration employs interference, intimidation, invasions, and interventions—and insanity—patriots must stay strong. Let’s see if the full audit in Maricopa County will become the first domino in restoring the results of Decision Day 2020.

Also, what’s with the Biden administration pushing a climate control plan that would force Americans to eat one hamburger a month? Who elected this friggin’ bozo? More from Lori Colley.

Joe Biden CRASHES the stock market and CRYPTO after proposing a new capital gains tax hike. Biden also proposed a new Climate Change plan that would ban 90% of meat, limiting you to one burger a month. How Joe Biden killed the economy and Bitcoin. More from Mr. Obvious.

Again, we ask the relevant question: Who actually voted for this retard? We want a show of hands because we believe he is an illegitimate president, not elected by the people but appointed through fraud and crookery.

Preparing For Chinese Invasion

Evidence of Chinese CCP compromise of elected officials, all of them DEMs, has been released, at the same time America is sending troops and aircraft carriers to our East and West borders. Are we preparing for the invasion of the Chinese military? More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/[Mainstream Media/Social Media] are panicking. They are now moving to full censorship. All assets are deployed. The lawsuit brought by Texas is a game changer and more and more states are joining the lawsuit. Trump has already announced he will intervene. The Constitution is the only way forward. The [DS]/[MSM/SM] companies are ready to move their agenda forward to keep the narrative. Rig for red. Central communication blackout. Zero day is approaching. More from the X22 Report.

Storm warning !!! Big ships are moving into position. So are big states that are appealing to the Supreme Court to reverse the fraudulent 2020 election. More from And We Know.


It’s a Russian Invasion

Dick Morris is terse. “There can be no more pretense. These are not separatists fighting in the Ukraine–indigenous, pro-Russian rebels disturbed at the westward drift of their country,” Morris says. “They’re Russian troops, sent in by Vladimir Putin, paid for by the Russian taxpayer, invading Ukraine, just as surely as Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The out-and-out pretense that this is some kind of civil war is over. This is a Russian invasion.” Tune in as Morris talks about the U.S. options to the invasion.

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