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The Looming Digital Hell reports that the globalists have turned their focus on limiting and eventually eliminating cash, forcing society into a digital hell.

He says we’re seeing many new businesses starting up and others re-opening that will not accept cash. Since many folks pay with credit cards anyway, why the uproar? “This has to do with the mark,” he says. “You aren’t going to be able to spy or sell without the mark. It has to be digital, with connecting technology and humans into one.” Here’s more, courtesy of Arcane Pathways.


Trump Got The Ball Rolling

Bix Weir from Road to Roota is today’s guest on the X22 Report Spotlight. Weir begins the conversation talking about bitcoin, gold, silver and the markets. We are now entering a transition phase of the economy. The old [Central Bankers] system is being destroyed, and the good guys will be instituting a new system.

Trump got the ball rolling, Putin was next and now Xi will finish it. The destruction of the [Deep State] is happening and the world leaders are in line and helping Trump.

Everyone’s A Bitcoin Enthusiast

Here’s what it would be like if traditional money believers acted like Bitcoin enthusiasts…More from AwakenwithJP.

Globalist Attack On Crypto

Many who hold Bitcoin, Ethereum or forms of crypto believe these currencies aren’t as vulnerable as fiat money.

But Mike Adams from the Health Ranger Report says the central banks and their globalist allies have launched a series of attacks on cyptocurrencies.  He see the frequency and severity of these attacks now increasing.

What to do? Can the globalists actually wipe out Bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the other crypto coins? How might they do so? Adams explains, while recommending shifting into hard assets — including gold, silver, land or useful tools, like tractors and night vision goggles.

Vaccine Passports= Holocaust

Wayne Allyn Root of guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the medical tyranny assault on the public. Root warns that vaccine passports equals the Holocaust 2.0. Liberals who opposed producing an ID to vote are now demanding IDs to buy food or watch a sporting event. It’s outright fascism.

Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Albert Bourla and everyone on the FDA panel who voted to approve the experimental death vaxx should be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity – Bill Holter joins me to discuss it AND Michael Saylor’s master class on the dollar, inflation and bitcoin. More from the SGTReport.

Trump Launches New Platform

Bitcoin hits a record high, while President Joe Biden’s approval numbers sink to new lows. Here, Jordan Sather brings us up to date on the news. Other topics discussed: Trump’s new social media platform, the Facebook rebrand and the upcoming Patriot Voice conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sather plans to attend this coming week.

The warriors are on the battlefield! The enemy is on the run! [Truth] will prevail! Pray. More from And We Know.

Hamster Outperforming Market!

Mr. Goxx, a crypto trading Hamster, is beating the stock market! Trading cryptocurrencies since June, Mr. Goxx has posted an impressive 16.62 percent gain, compared to a 4 percent rise for the S&P 500 over the same period.

Named after the defunct crypto exchange, Mt. Gox, Mr. Goxx is also outperforming cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Dogecoin and is on even terms with Ethereum. Mr. Obvious brings us more details and discusses his top three tips and tricks for investing in the stock market and cryptocurrency.

Financial Crisis Looming

With inflation barreling out of control, the Federal Reserve announced it expects to raise interest rates several times beginning later this year and into 2023. It’s a decision that doesn’t sit well with Rana Vig, CEO of Blue Lagoon Resources, who says jacking rates will devastate our economy.

“The reality today is, the government is in so much debt, it cannot raise interest rates,” Vig says. He says we’re now  facing a $30 trillion deficit and, if interest rates only went up 5 percent, that would incur $1.5 trillion interest payments alone. “The U.S. government would become insolvent,” he says.

Meanwhile, World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that countless experts are running from fiat and getting into gold, silver and Bitcoin. There appears to be a significant monetary revolution happening. The question is, when will the boom happen? Here’s more with Sigurdson and Vig.

Sponsors Abandon Olympics

In a stunning reversal, sponsors are abandoning the Tokyo Summer Olympics, after officials banned spectators from attending the events. Martin Brodel offers his views on the about-face, plus an update on Deep State tactics as the white hats close in, the continued decline of Bitcoin, Americans still on the government dole and the continuing lies of the mainstream media.

Hyperinflation Now Triggered

David Garofalo, Chairman and CEO of Gold Royalty Corp, returns to SGT Report to discuss the extremely dire outlook for the US Dollar and fiat currencies around the world, which are beginning to hyperinflate when priced in hard assets like copper, lumber, real estate, Bitcoin and precious metals. It looks like the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies have triggered the start of the destruction of the Dollar’s purchasing power. David explains that not only can’t the Fed stop it, they don’t even want to.

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