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Crackdown on Turkey

Recep Erdogan, the arrogant leader of the Turks, is learning a lesson: Don’t mess with the United States, now that Donald Trump is president. Although he is a NATO ally, Erdogan has been playing games, throwing his support behind Russia and China as opposed to the United States. Trump isn’t buying that and has taken steps that have led to a 40 percent reduction in the value of Turkey’s currency. Dick Morris outlines what has been taking place. More from DickMorrisReports.

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Styxhexenhammer666 talks about the collapse of the Turkish lira as Trump uses tariffs to extract diplomatic cooperation. We encourage a hard line. Erdogan not only has been kissing Communist butt but also keeping Americans jailed in Turkey, including ministers. If Erodgan wants relief, he needs to show some signs of civility — or else expect more heat.



The Port Canaveral Swindle

Uranium One wasn’t the only crooked deal the Clintons negotiated with the Russians. Bill Clinton also pushed a deal that gave the Russians control of Port Canaveral. This deal provided an easy way for the Russians to move cruise missiles right into the American mainland. Bill Clinton might be a former president, but he’s no better than a common criminal surrendering our independence to the highest bidders. Dick Morris reports.

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FBI’s Phony Wiretaps

We’re now learning that not only did the FBI wiretap Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort while the race was under way, but that it’s likely some of the conversations were with Trump. Also, it’s becoming more apparent the wiretaps may have been based on phony dossier information. Dick Morris lays out the issues.

If this is true, why isn’t Jeff Sessions bringing lawsuits against the crooks in the Obama Administration, and specifically the FBI, who committed blatant criminal acts to distort and pervert our elections? Charges need to be brought, and the guilty among these creeps need to go to jail. More from Dick Morris Reports.

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Male Vote Could Decide Race

The huuuge male gender gap could be the deciding factor in the 2016 race for the White House. While Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton boasts a 11-point lead among female voters, GOP nominee Donald Trump holds a commanding 22-point edge among males. “The 22-point Trump lead among men is enormous compared to the 7-point victory among men that Romney achieved in 2012,” Morris says. “So what’s really happening now, is not a female gender gap but a male gender gap.” He explains in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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Bill’s Foreplay Killing Hillary

President Bill “Bubba” Clinton’s past and present indiscretions with the opposite sex is having a paralyzing effect on Hillary Clinton and her run for the White House. And make no mistake that GOP presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, is taking advantage of it. “When Bill is attacked for his dealings with women, Hillary instinctively goes crazy, because it represents an existential threat to her,” Morris says. He elaborates in this episode of Dick Morris Reports.

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Trump Can Win

Political strategist Dick Morris says he was stunned at the latest Quinnipiac Poll that showed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton virtually deadlocked in the key swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania and The Donald leading in Ohio. “Hillary would have no chance of winning if Trump carried all of those states,” he says. Morris points to the emergence of the white male vote in this election year and the scrutiny over Clinton’s record as key facts in Trump’s surge. Listen to his full analysis in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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Why Trump Won Indiana

Donald Trump’s decisive victory in the Indiana primary came as a shocker to many. Not Dick Morris. “I think when a politician is able to establish a congruence, an exact identity, between his point of view and the nation’s point of view, that creates a source of power that is enormous; that is outside of the realm of normal political discussion,” says Morris, one of the nation’s most influential political commentators. He praises Trump as an extremely attractive candidate, adding, “If he were elected, I think he’d be quite a good president.”

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The End of Ideology

GOP presidential Ted Cruz is the epitome of Ronald Reagan conservatism, and Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders is his party’s most progressive candidate ever. Both strong ideologs, to say the least. Yet the flamboyant Donald Trump and establishment darling Hillary Clinton are running away from the competition in their respective races. “I think this reflects a feeling among the American people that ideology doesn’t work,” says political commentator Dick Morris. “Whereas liberals are trying to carry on the Obama tradition, and conservatives are trying to reach back to the Ronald Reagan tradition, Americans are saying the hell with all of it. Let’s just do what works, let’s do what’s in our interests.” He explains further in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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Can Trump Beat Hillary?

Statistically, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the most unelectable candidates, according to polling. Trump has a whopping 65 percent unfavorable rating from the electorate, while 56 percent disapprove of Clinton. Fact is, Clinton would be coasting to the White House if it weren’t for the myriad of scandals plaguing her candidacy, the most egregious being her e-mail faux pas. “They are two candidates who are very badly battered, very bad images in the country, but one of them has to win. And it could very well be Donald Trump,” says political insider Dick Morris. He analyzes further in this edition of Dick Morris Reports.

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