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How To End The Tyranny

Robert Beadles, the co-founder of Monarch and a great American Patriot, returns to SGT Report to discuss the fraudulent and criminal President, the weaponization of the government against the people, and the one surefire way to put and end to the tyranny.

Public knowledge times a million! Prepare for justice! Pray! More from And We Know.

Plan To Destroy America

The Biden Administration has doubled down on its efforts to hide the border crisis, issuing an unofficial gag order on border patrol agents in withholding information. According to four current and two former Customs and Border protection officials who spoke to NBC News on condition of anonymity, federal officials along the border are under an unofficial gag order to cease cooperating with the media or reveal any information on the crisis.

Just Informed Talk’s Craig James says there is no memo or paper trail of the order, indicating the wily Democrats are up to their tricks again. “This says to me the administration that has usurped power illegally through a fraudulent election is now engaged in a continuing plan to destroy America.” He says the plan was initiated long ago under Obama, stopped by the Trump presidency and now reinitiated by Biden. Here’s more with James on Biden’s destructive blueprint to upend the country.

Flex Goes After Looney Leftist

The Leftist cancel culture has reared its ugly head once again and investigative blogger Riss Flex isn’t having any of it.  Flex breaks away from her usual format with this all-out defense of attorney Lin Wood on live video, complete with its twists and distractions.

Flex challenges Cathy Cox, dean of the Mercer University School of Law and former Democrat politician, for her attack on Wood over his recent tweets about the fraudulent election process. Wood, a Mercer Law School alum, recently donated $1 million to the school after which the the trial courtroom was named in his honor. The frenzied Cox wants the school to cut ties with Wood and remove his name from the building. Classic looney Leftist.

Tune in as Flex tells us the rest of the story, while interacting with her  livestream viewers.


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