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It’s An Illusion

Here is the second and concluding part of Maryam Henein’s talk with Sarah Westall about the psyop that changed the world — George Floyd. While we are being distracted with every imaginable other disaster, the illusionists are busy changing societal systems to increase their control.

They do this in the name of progress and benefit for fellow humans, but their actions lead to death, destruction and more control for them; which is their real goal.

Henein has been relentless at uncovering the details behind this world changing psyop. She appears here on Westall’s program Business Game Changers.

The Letter “C” Comes Before “D”

The [Deep State] is struggling to stay alive. They are fighting for their lives. John Sullivan sends a message: The letter “C”, C comes before D. Justice is coming. The bullhorn has been taken away from the [Deep State] and they are panicking because the people are going to learn that they have been living in a propagandistic, illusionary world. The majority was always there but the [Deep State] tried to mask it with the their [Deep State] machine. This has come to an end. The next phase will bring justice. More from the X22 Report.

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