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CIA Stories: The Jakarta Method

Abby Martin speaks with journalist Vincent Bevins about the hidden CIA mass murder in Indonesia, which created the model for US extermination campaigns against communists in 22 countries during the Cold War. Bevins is the author of a 2020 book called The Jakarta Method, and he draws heavily from his research for the book here. Source: The Empire Files

Mass Extermination!

Josh Sigurdson suggests that three false-flag chemical spills in less than a week in Ohio, Arizona and Texas are the perfect conduit to force the public into a Great Reset. And all this happening just weeks following World Economic Forum 2023!

Do these catastrophes set the stage for 15-minute cities and carbon credits? Will the Deep State come to the rescue by enslaving humanity into a technocratic cashless society? Is mass extermination in progress? Sigurdson brings us some answers.

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