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CIA Stories: The Jakarta Method

Abby Martin speaks with journalist Vincent Bevins about the hidden CIA mass murder in Indonesia, which created the model for US extermination campaigns against communists in 22 countries during the Cold War. Bevins is the author of a 2020 book called The Jakarta Method, and he draws heavily from his research for the book here. Source: The Empire Files

Child’s Spine: Fashion Accessory

Much has been made of the blatant examples of child molestation and abuse seen in the fashion advertisements produced by the European firm Balenciaga. Here, Natly Denise shows us how Balenciaga is hardly alone in the fashion world.

She introduces an Indonesian designer, Arnold Putra, who created a women’s handbag whose handle consists of a child’s spine. Putra insisted he acquired the spine legally through a medical supply house in Canada. Still, his choice of materials speaks volumes, particularly when you consider he has also used “albino skin” and “plastinated human remains” in his clothing.

They Don’t Hide it

The world’s political leaders gathered at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, are greasing the skids for a global health passport — only available to those who have allowed themselves to be subjected to scheduled vaccines. The monsters are going to skin us, one way or another. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Militarizing The South China Sea

Despite Xi Jinping’s pledge to the United States that China would not militarize the South China Sea, new evidence has surfaced showing aggressive movement to the contrary.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell reports that China continues to ramp up its military presence on many islands across the South China Sea, loading up with planes, guns and other weapons. Chappell brings the proof of the aggression and how the CCP might use these bases.

Forced Jabs For Everyone!

World Alternative Media reports the White House has announced a second Covid-19 summit, along with several other nations, to further its plan to forcibly vaccinate everyone, everywhere.

Due to the apparent failures of the vaccines previously, the summit aims to leverage their plan by going after your money by imposing social-credit restrictions. Host Josh Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the sinister plan.

The Last Mover Advantage

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies returns to SGTReport to discuss what he believes is the single biggest sting operation in American history. I pray he’s right.

Going From Bad to Worse

Styxhexenhammer666 gives his daily coronavirus update. New nations now reporting cases include Indonesia, Armenia, the Dominican Republic and the Czech Republic. Total number of cases worldwide has surpassed 80,000.

Frank Curzio, the host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, joins SGTReport to discuss the worst week ever for US stock markets, and what lies ahead, which Frank predicts is likely to be more economic and stock market carnage as Covid-19 spreads around the globe.

Jason Park sings his original song called “My Corona”, a cautionary tale about the coronavirus.

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China’s new law legalizes lies to cover their biggest deception to date. As always, the Chinese people are being held as slaves. More from Lisa Haven.

Rand Paul gives an optimistic take on coronavirus fears. He also addresses questions pertaining to the Fed in an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News.

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When Hobbits Were Real

We already know about small-bodied, small-brained hominins in our human-fossil record. That’s why it was so shocking in 2004 when anthropologists discovered a tiny unknown hominin on the Indonesian island of Flores. Although only a meter tall and appearing to  be not very old, it had features of an older hominin. The specimen–Homo Floresiensis–became commonly called “The Hobbit,” because of its short stature and oddly proportioned feet. Tune in to learn more about The Hobbit from PBS Eons.

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Climate Change Dance Remix

It’s a climate change dance remix, featuring the dire warnings of Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg interspersed with the admonitions of the woman who popped off at an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Townhall event, calling for everyone present to “eat the babies.”  Who knows what’s real these days? But we certainly aren’t eating any children to forestall global warming, nor do we believe we have to consider doing so. More from Carpe Donktum.

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Who can do the top remix? Lars Kaos offers his own compilation that he calls “Greta Thunberg Ultimate Disaster Synthwave.”

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There’s also Greta singing Swedish death metal. All music written and performed by John Mollusk. Inspired by, and all lyrics by Greta Thunberg. If you like the music, check out the NYC-based Indonesian thrash band, Suaka.

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Kids Used for Climate Hysteria

Leftists are telling children that climate change is going to kill them and everyone they know—and then place those terrified kids in front of cameras to beg for their lives. Want some “propaganda”? Here you go. More from PragerU.

Meme the Left says what pisses him off about Greta Thunberg and her like? They are railing against Europe and the United States, yet the problem rests with China, India, Indonesia and the nations of Asia. They generate more than half the world’s carbon dioxide, and even greater quantities of other pollutants. But will Greta go there to rail? Of course not. This is a show, for the Liberal media and Western Communists.

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Shrieking for vengeance. That’s how RazorFist classifies Greta Thunberg’s notions of a ClimateStrike. As they say, the road to “The Right Side of History” is paved with propaganda.

She was a bad egg…a very, very naughty egg. Oompah, oompah, shut up you fool, why don’t you go back to school. More from The United Front.

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